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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 2 – Black Swan

Well, Lights On, Camera and Action.. We are back with yet another episode of “A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011”, this time featuring Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”.

Oh! How to begin this blog, to start writing about this extra-ordinary movie…. I am just as confused now, as I was, as everybody was, in the aftermath of the movie.

It’s kinda become my habit to come out, paralyzed, after watching one of Darren’s creations.

I did not even recognize Darren’s name as the movie began, Did I?
But, (I say this with an evil smile) It was all good. Because, if I had known, I would have predicted something, would have been prejudiced even.
It would have spoiled the whole thing.
It would have prevented me from having an out of control experience.

“Oh! But I did have one”.

OK, I guess we have had enough of the “Prologue”.
Lets get this review under way..

Nina Sayers is a perfectionist.

She has a quiet normal life.
She is a dedicated dancer at a Ballet Company.
She lives with her mom who completely adores her.
No Boyfriends, No Commitments.

Her whole life is about her being the White Swan, a timid but noble princess who has been cursed to lead a life of a swan, who tries to redeem her lost love to become whole again.

But we wouldn’t let her be the White Swan, Would we? 😛

Natalie Portman as the "White Swan"

Continuing on…..

When the main ballerina in the company, Beth is forced to retire, Nina is chosen to play the lead role, the Swan Queen, a role that requires her to play both the White Swan and the Black Swan.

Needless to say, Black Swan is a dark character who should seduce Prince Charming away from the White Swan.

As Thomas the lead instructor of the Ballet company puts it, Nina is a perfect choice for the White Swan.
But can she really be the Black Swan? That is the real question.

Nina wants her to be perfect in both the roles but how far would she go to achieve this perfection?
As she gravitates towards her being a Black Swan in the play, Is she becoming one in her real life?

Natalie Portman as the "Black Swan"

The movie takes us into the deepest and darkest corners of Nina’s mind.
Her ambitions, her obsessions, her illusions, her delusions.

As you are watching the movie, at a certain point, you won’t be able to explain what is happening on the screen.
You would only become numb and hold on tight to your seats to seek a sane explanation for what you are seeing.

In the end, when Nina parades through the stage as the Black Swan, all you wish to do would be to clap, clap hard.
The whole theatre was reverberating with thunderous applause, both on screen and off screen.

As the movie closes, Nina says “I was perfect”.
And my pulsating heart said to me, “The movie was perfect”.

After all this is said, if I don’t comment and commend on performances, I would consider myself mad.

Natalie Portman pulls off a stunning performance as Nina Sayers.
Her metamorphosis from the White Swan to Black Swan is absolutely terrifying.
As every time you see the movie, you would see Natalie differently.

As I was watching this movie, a crazy thought crossed my mind.
I know for sure that Natalie Portman had learned Ballet to play this role.
But if i were to give the best Ballet Dancer award to someone who worked in the movie, I would rather go for Matthew Libatique.
If you are not aware who Matthew is, he is the movie’s cinematographer.

Do not think I am going loopy here but as Natalie dances, the camera literally dances alongside her in the movie.
“Matthew, You and your camera are the best Ballet Partners, man!!”

Last but not the least, we should not be forgetting the poor guy who patiently sat with the video and audio and edited the movie into perfection, Andrew Weisblum.
You are my hero, Andrew!!

To conclude, This is one of those movies that can never tire a viewer even after several viewings.
Darren, Congratulations on pulling all this together into a wholesome master-piece.

This is a highly bet race horse at the oscars, this year! Alas, we will have to wait till Feb17th to know.

Go watch this movie if you haven’t seen it yet and anything might happen.
You may even come to face the dark side inside of you. (Oh! Do not ask me if I did, LOL)

Au Revoir!! Meet you soon with yet another master-p-p-piece soon.


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