It's all about Perception

The Oscar Decision 2011

Welcome to my episode on the Oscar Decision this year, 2011.

My mind is just overwhelmed with thoughts that I am having trouble speaking.
I just feel like Colin Firth now when he is giving The King’s Speech.

Colin Firth becomes confident by the end of the movie and so have I now, even though this isn’t the end of this blog but only an Inception.

But before we go any further I think I may have to make sure of one thing.
Am I really typing this blog or am I asleep? Am I in a dream? Or dream within a dream for that matter.
I don’t see some extractor like Leonardo, also not see his beautiful wife or the kids.
I just hope that The Kids are All Right.

I am not sure if they are but suddenly it seems to me now that I am all right.
But I may be delusional. Its the middle of the night and I am a little unsteady that I feel like I am dancing in a ballet, more gravitating towards becoming a Black Swan than being a white one.

But my mind has always been a Fighter and I know I can get out of my delusions and illusions and display my True Grit.

Because when I am considering my mind going wrong, it doesn’t pretty much seem like a Toy Story. It seems like I am toying with my life.

But I am feeling sane now mainly because I feel connected to the The Social Network and when I think how close we are, to the big night, the OSCAR’s nite, so close, that we may be even seem to have only 127 hours to it.
This Winter seems to be chilled me to the bone.

And I thought aloud… “WOOOW!”
I could form a stupid story out of some ten random phrases. I feel that I could give myself a little pat on my back even if you wouldn’t but never you mind that.
Lets get to some serious business.

I know you are as excited as I am when you are reading this blog as to which movie is going to be winning the Oscars this year. The clock is ticking and my heart rate is increasing.

Below is the formal list of nominees to the best picture this year.
Black Swan,
The Fighter,
The Kids Are All Right,
The King’s Speech,
127 Hours,
The Social Network,
Toy Story 3,
True Grit,
Winter’s Bone

Below are my votes for different Categories even though I may have to wait until Feb27th to validate these.

Christopher Nolan for Inception

Added Feb27:
Oh Nolan! Another year without Oscars. You will have to suck it up once again!

Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
Attaboy, we got this right, Didn’t we?

Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb for Inception
Added Feb27:
Right again, Cool!

Paul Hamblin, Martin Jensen and John Midgley for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Sadly Inception bet you to it! My highness.

Richard King for Inception
Added Feb27:
Oh we know Richard King is the real King 😛

My mind seems to be in a tie here. I shall list out both of them. Lets see who wins. (An Evil Grin)
Hans Zimmer for Inception (or) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network.
Added Feb27:
Our Tie seems to have worked. Trent, Atticus, Bravo!

Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
A Definite Nod from the Oscars

David Fincher for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
Oh David, BAFTA sees you better. If I had wanted anybody else to win in this category, then it would have been Tom, Excellent Choice!

Jenny Beavan for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
We are wrong once again, Alice in Wonderland here. People seem to like Helena with a big head rather than a small one.

Matthew Libatique for Black Swan
Added Feb27:
Oh, Inception again. Seems the Cameraman needn’t learn ballet to win Oscar here!

Eve Stewart (Production Design); Judy Farr (Set Decoration) for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Alice in Wonderland again, or should i say Eve and Judy in wonderland.

How to Train Your Dragon
Added Feb27:
Toy Story 3, a movie which was nominated to the best picture, heaven knows why, won here.

Melissa Leo for The Fighter
Added Feb27: I knew it Melissa, you are one tough *****.

Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Added Feb27:
We saw this coming didn’t we? A child in real life and a child in Cinema life, Double congratulations, Natalie!

Geoffrey Rush for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Oh Christian Bale just beat you to it man.

Colin Firth for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
OK, The king is a king is a king.

I am in a tie here again.
The King’s Speech or The Social Network.
Added Feb27:
Long live the King!

The above list only states my opinion not necessarily yours or the Academy’s.
(Added Feb27:
Now it also validates with the academy’s)
The above statement is a disclaimer and is bound to make me look silly but I had to add it nevertheless.

Anyway this year, all the nominees seem great to me and I would be absolutely pleased with anyone winning and anyone winning from the above list would be my price for watching all of these. 😛

Now, all after this is said, the one thing you can do is vote. So, Vote away.

Even after this exercise of voting for our favorites we have got no choice but to wait.
So lets do just that.



2 responses

  1. Aiyana Tillich

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    March 2, 2011 at 12:25 am

    • Thanks Aiyana! But I like it this way as for now! Let me look at some serious blogging later on. But, really appreciate your feedback, Keep it coming

      March 2, 2011 at 11:31 pm

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