It's all about Perception

Journey towards the centre of the Labyrinth


I always consider myself singled out. I like some movies that none of my friends like. But I found out today that the inverse is not entirely true. My friends have always offered me opinions about some great movies that I should be seeing. But I have never had enough time to see them(This is a lame excuse by the way but thats the way it is)

Today, I thought I would try defying the nature and mix my real world with the surreal one.(I am talking about me taking a friends suggestion in case you are wondering what I am attempting to say). And guess what, the most happiest thing was the movie that I saw portrays the same exact thing, reality + fantasy in a realistic+fantastic way.

Here we are to review an epic of a movie, in my opinion, Pan’s Labyrinth.

This movie gives us the perfect blend between the fantasy and the real worlds and the amazing thing is, there are no great special effects involved. There are no pleasing animated characters, no big secret at the end, no miracle and especially, no hi-fi cast to take the movie forward.
Yet, this would be the best movie that I have seen in quite some time now. A movie that makes you realize how great it would be when a simple story can be carved out of a usual fairy tale like a marvelous statue from plain stone.

The story pans through the life of a young girl, who idolizes her fairy tales, the brief time that she spends in her step-father’s house in the post-war Spain. Her mother is pregnant and her father is a brutal captain who kills rebels on sight.

The story moves with the girl finding an old pile of stones, a labyrinth near her house. She is led to believe that she is the princess of a fantasy kingdom and the centre of the labyrinth is the gateway to the kingdom. This information is shown to be provided by the pan/fawn who lives in the labyrinth, the gate-keeper.

The girl has to complete three grue-some tasks to prove herself worthy to enter the gate.

As she struggles through her tasks, she also finds out some gruesome truths of her existence. She is surrounded by a suffering pregnant mother, a rebel-supporting house-maid and a brutal stop-at-nothing step-father.

Things go bad in the second half of the movie. The pan denies her entry to the portal as the girl disobeys a direct order. The rebels move closer, the maid’s identity is revealed, and worse, her mother dies in childbirth.
Pan taking pity on the girl promises her that if she could bring her brother to the portal, she might be able to enter.

The girl tries to enter to steal her brother from her father’s chambers. At the same time, the house is breached by the rebels and there is chaos everywhere. She carries the baby and while her step-father pursues with the gun, she hurtles through the house into the labyrinth, only to find out that she has to kill her brother to enter the labyrinth. Because the portal opens only when an innocent’s blood is shed.

In the centre of the labyrinth, her father is behind the girl with the gun, the pan is waiting for the girl to fulfill her deed, the rebel aka maid enters into the labyrinth with her men in pursuit of the captain and guns and bombs fire everywhere around. In this full-charge atmosphere, the best thing for me would be to leave you to speculate about the ending. If you do not want to, go see the movie and you won’t be disappointed although you might be with me, now. But all for good.
Go, enjoy this movie if you haven’t yet seen this and thank me. If you have seen this movie then its my turn to thank you for reading.



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