It's all about Perception

“The Man from Earth” is created by a man from Heaven, no less


One of my friends with whom my movie-watching taste always matches, was oo-ing an aah-ing about some picture that he saw recently. When I asked him,”Which theater?”, he said, “DVD” and I thought to myself, I am not affected by movies that I watch in the theater, imagine a DVD.

I just thought I will probe him more. He might make me a little interested by some other aspect of the movie. A gorgeous heroine or a special-powered hero or something of the sort. But to my dismay, there was no notable cast and in less than a minute I forgot the director’s name.

I borrowed the DVD for his sake and went home and played it. The first ten minutes made me get out of the cozy chair and call him to ask him if he thought I was an idiot to waste my PRECIOUS time on this. I would have lavishly spent this couple of hours usefully chatting in facebook or reading a novel. He simply replied for me to continue and in the end of movie, curse him if I still want to.

So, I continued on, with a little regret.

The movie’s set was simple. Four cars, ten people at the most, a living room set and that was it.

But after the first ten minutes after the first ten minutes, I moved a little towards the edge of the seat and as the movie progressed, I was moving more and more toward the edge.

The conversation in the movie was so brilliant that made me forget my surroundings. It was convincing and thought-provoking at the same time. One man convincing all the others in the room with an undecipherable story was fun. The fellow actors were probing the lead with questions that would pop up in the viewer’s mind and the viewer – I – was thrilled to find that without much fact or data the lead actor was convincing all of us – the fellow actors in the screen and the viewers – with his story.

The pace of dialogue is brilliant and can be best described as Occupying.

The credit would definitely go to the screenplay writer (assuming that this includes the dialogues too). One who watches the movie understands the thought process that was involved in creating a great thing out of nothing. And I thought to myself, I am saved, as I was not going to commit murder (OF guess who? :P).

I also acknowledged the gruesome truth that we are more centered towards movies with fancy actors and characters and not towards movies like these. This movie has shaped me into accepting and respecting good thoughtful movies, fancy actors or not, scenic locations or not. If I can describe my feelings towards this movie in one word, it would be “Respect”. So, go respect this movie.



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