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Transformers – Dark of the Moon – Even more darker than that!

Its been a long time since my last visit and I am having mixed feelings about this. Happy for all the great times that have passed and sad for missing my blog, and who makes it so worthwhile to write, You..

So, this being said, today’s topic isn’t you or me but a common passion that we share, the reason you are in this page and the reason I write for, movies…

It’s been a blockbuster month and I decided to start with some chartbusters but more aptly money wasters and the top of my list happens to be none other than Transformers, Dark of the Moon.
So, let’s hit it…

Michael Bay is a genius. I kinda see why Steven Spielberg invests in him. He has achieved an impossible feat of creating something out of nothing.

No storyline, non-acting actors, no central idea and no emotion and yet the movie is turning millions with just its three dimensional effects and excellent background score.

Shia labeouf is going down and down in my actor scale, a good talent thoroughly wasted. You can comfortably forget the road to the academy fella, in this route, it aint coming!!

Being pretty isn’t the only quality for a heroine, but it certainly seems so after this movie as you don’t see anything more. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks cool but her (Victoria’s) secret isn’t working any more.

If there could be one person in this movie, in the wrong place at the wrong time, it would definitely be Patrick Dempsey… What the hell is he doing here? One more good actor wasted, many thanks to Mr. Bay! It seems to me that Michael Bay had a lot of money to spare. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve played this role. Not necessarily Patrick…

My mind was asking several similar questions as the movie went on..
Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, etc and etc.. Who are you people and what are you guys doing here? Have you suddenly turned into stunt performers rather than actors? We had no idea.
And the billion dollar question, why for the love of god would Michael bay bring in a legend and send him down falling, John Malkovich. The old man is really losing his mind with his goofy associations.

The only welcome change that I saw was the presence of Frances McDormand. Her role was restricted but you do not fail to notice her. One can really appreciate the difference that she shows in her acting when one sees movies like Fargo and this back-to-back, not that I would want to see this movie again. But, the fact is, she fits to her role perfectly in both.

So after all the above chatter, if sleek cars and awe-inspiring action do it for you, go for this and you won’t feel disappointed. If you are a person who feels any emotion toward any of the characters then go for this only to feel miserable and sad, coming out the cinemas with a frown and a slump.

PS: Leaving out Optimus Prime in this review is deliberate. There isn’t anything to say anyway. 😛