It's all about Perception

It all ends… But without an emotional outbreak!!!

The world is crazy! And Harry Potter would be the best example for this. People rename school clubs, have quiz, debates, write character sketches, pencil scars in their foreheads and have made an ordinary person extraordinary. Her deed is extraordinary of course but what I feel which is out of ordinary is the universal acceptance of flying in brooms, breathing fire, of making an animal a water goblet. These all may sound silly and crazy but only until you know and most likely become the wonderful characters created by Jane Rowling who do these… We had no idea how we will live a fantasy, consider twigs fancy, bushy hair a favorite hairstyle and start loving hooty owls for pets.

After all this is said and done, we have spent our times looking for all this creativity to be made into reality through CG and special effects. We weren’t always disappointed. Chris columbus started these movies off with a bang and the books became even more popular. Warner bros had hit their jackpot. Perhaps after two of these movies Chris seems to have gotten too much of the magic wind and bailed out. Then came Alfonso and Mike Nevell, both trying their best but I should say I was not convinced but perhaps these books were too much to be made into two hour movies or maybe not!

Then came in David Yates to prove me wrong. He showed us that even the slowest book could be made beautiful on the big screen. But maybe his magic drained out with the fifth movie that the half blood prince was disappointing. But he rose back with Deathly hallows part 1 to rise our expectations. So there I was gaping my mouth at the mere fact that the last movie of the saga was in 3d. Expectations were limitless. But, would David prove worthy? That would be the question of the hour.

So the movie began..
It actually started exactly where it left off. Dobby’s grave. I don’t know if I were to call this good or bad. I am more inclined towards bad. If it was aimed at bringing about continuity it sadly did not. If we are expected to feel bad for Dobby we don’t. I think the movie’s beginning could be best described as abrupt.

If one is disappointed with the movie’s start, it ain’t over yet. Much more’s in store.

The first half is hasty and it doesn’t give enough acting space for the actors and doesn’t give enough time for the viewers to appreciate what we see. The much expected dragon sequence at the Gringotts ends much too soon to make it your favorite but its a good scene nevertheless.

The movie then moves to Hogwarts and I had a feeling that even though the movie had just begun but we were at its climax.

The War of Hogwarts has everything, Dementors, Werewolves, Giants and Spiders but all without any significance whatsoever.

Nagini’s death even though well shot isn’t worthy. Molly’s lashing out at Bellatrix could have been a little bit longer. It’s so quick that it could be easily missed. Maggie Smith’s dialogue brings smiles to people’s faces, even though we do not have it in the book.

Most Importantly, the very thing that was missing in the whole movie was the emotion. Ginny is not there for just kissing Harry you know… Pathetic.

Snape’s death should make you weep but it does not even cause a glitch. No blame on Alan Rickman though. He is at his best but his scope and the pace of the movie does not give us time to feel any emotion at that point.

Also, Voldemort was supposed to be fighting Harry in the common room amidst everyone. But this does not happen. There just fight each other somewhere in the ruins without anyone’s notice. Getting some private time, are we? Lame!

When Voldemort dies if we are to feel elation we do not, only misery, that the movie is at its end without we feeling happy.

Also, at this point, Harry just walks into the common room alone! There isn’t a single person, appreciating him or commending him for his bravery in the common room. I was kinda expecting all the people in the great hall would be giving him a bow or something. The only reason why this hasn’t happened could be because of the fact that all were sad for the loss of their loved ones. Nevertheless, a hug would have done the trick but whats missing is missing.

In the end, Harry is shown as a generous character, devoid of liking for great power, that he can snap the elder wand into two at the end of the movie. It does not seem generous to me but only preposterous.

The movie is long over but the misery isn’t. Harry Potter, the character that most of us breathed through, lived through, all these past years, where is he? Does he live in Daniel Radcliffe? Apparently not. I am just curious as to how the person, who resembles the character, has been living the character, can be so dumb and expressionless. I am clueless. I am far off from England, I do not have a scar, I do not wear glasses and I am not so brave but I can feel the Harry inside of me. Why not Dan? It will remain a mystery.

The greatest disappointment for me was perhaps Emma Watson. Her role was limited. No acting scope. It just made me think, All her acting life she has lived the character, to only become alienated to Hermione in the final one, What a shame! A beautiful, talented actress thoroughly wasted. I am awaiting the perks now. Hope there isn’t any disappointment there.

The special effects were good but the music failed miserably.. Alexandre Desplat needs more charisma.. Probably he was not the best choice. The blend between the music and the movie, the one of the John Williams era, is clearly missing.

Anyway, if I were to express myself shortly, if you are a person who is looking for an action movie with three dimensional special effects out of Deathly Hallows 2, this movie would be great for you. But if you are looking for Harry or Ron or Hermione or He Who Must not be Named, you won’t be finding them. You are left with a search and a question. No answers.

Getting back to our first question.. Does David Yates prove worthy? I leave the verdict with you. Go see this movie to pay a final respect for all the happy memories that we have had for the past ten years but nothing more



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