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Who says Dark isn’t Bright? Well, here is the proof it is…


The Trailer said “The Wait is Over”. Well it could have simply said “The Knight is Over”… Indeed the trailer was true. We were waiting to see how good a third movie would be, following two great movies. Everybody wants to be a super-hero to break the enemy down of course but never to be broken yourself. Christopher Nolan is here to tell you otherwise. Yes, I rise with this blog to say in a few hundred words about the dramatic end to a batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises.

If you have not heard of Knightfall, you should. Because, thats the DC comic book that this movie is based on. Brilliant, the comic is and the movie is more than brilliant that a word hasn’t been invented to describe how much as yet.

Bane is played very well by Tom Hardy, that you do not know whether to hate him in the beginning or to love him in the end. There is more meaning given to the character than himself in this movie and with only eyes to be seen he expresses hate and love in a very convincing way. Well, I was very much impressed!

Christian Bale as always is a very committed actor who delivers his part very well. The gloom of his real life as Bruce Wayne is etched on his face when the movie begins. He clearly expresses his happiness when the need for Batman arises and he is so eager to get back to action. He is lightened up by a beautiful, funny and dazzling Anne Hathaway.

Anne steals the show even though she is in the movie only for about 30 minutes give or take a few. Enchanting is the right word for her portrayal of the Catwoman. When I heard she was cast, I was skeptical. How is such a dame with the squeaky voice going to be a snivelly cunning Catwoman, well what do I know. What a slap on my face. It still hurts.

Marion Cotillard is great in her part but this role was so much similar to her role in the Inception. Neverthess, she was good.

Micheal Caine plays the brilliant butler as always and his portrayal was amazing that your thoughts align with him at some point to be concerned about Bale not becoming Batman than becoming one. Although, I will admit that I was happy that he rose back as Batman. How else could we have gotten to see the Batmobile again and the mesmerizing “Bat”.

Morgan Freeman‘s role is very limited in this movie and there aren’t any of his usual dialogues in this movie, to cheer you up. I must admit Gary Oldman‘s got a better role in this movie than the first two.

Joseph Gordon-Lewitt is surprising good and looks mature in this movie. And when he is finally revealed as Robin, you have a funny feeling that a sequel is in its way, whether Chris Nolan intended to or not, though I believe the former. Me and many others would be very pleased if Nolan is ready to direct it too!

Hans Zimmer is too good to be true. Whenever the Batman comes in any form, the music is so great that you could not just shout it off in the theatre. It still rings in your head. When Bale rises out of the jail the chanting behind him makes you want to chat with them, literally. I would have been happier if James Newton Howard joined Hans in this movie but its his decision and not mine and I am not very disappointed with the music. Its bloody brilliant is what it is.

Jonathan is ready to help with the screenplay and Lee Smith with the editing and the movie becomes an extravaganza with the direction of none other than Christopher Nolan. The trilogy, saga or whatever we wish to call this has come to an end and we have seen several sagas coming to an end because we want it to. But this is not the one. We are not so happy that it did but people leave the cinemas with a smile on their faces because of the way it did. The knight fell indeed but with flair.

I really did not want to touch upon much of the story of the movie here not because I don’t want to but because I very much do. I do not wish to spoil the fun. Only thing that I am trying to do is perhaps to increase the expectations and make more money for the Warner Bros, though not expecting a commission here. No worries. Only free marketing here…

Finally the only thing that makes this movie great is the story. It is a super-hero movie but with more than just tight abs and kicking bad guys out of their wits but to have a moral, to live with code, to instill emotion, to show that life is not all that great even for a super-hero and to teach him and us to learn to push harder, endure so one day we know what we really want and to get it so we can be happy and so can the others who care of us.

I will put a stop to this to allow you to get tickets/go watch the movie/to stop boring you if you have already seen the movie.