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At the Skyfall when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all….

I wanted to have a smaller title but could not cut it short or it loses its meaning. There are no twists and turns about which movie we are talking about today. Obviously we are working towards giving a decent (on-my-part) review of the movie, Skyfall.

One thinks different things when we heard the word Skyfall and Adele’s mesmerizing title song says it all, only we listen but do not understand the song until the end of the movie. Maybe whoever is reading this, if you have not seen the movie, take my word and listen to the song properly or be lazy enough to ignore it but to understand it later after the movie is very over.  I guess you should have gotten my point now. I like the song. So, moving on….

This movie cannot be described in a single statement. It is more personal, more touching, more revealing, more dramatic and certainly more real than many other Bond movies that I have seen before and believe me when I say this as I have seen most of the Bond movies starting from Roger Moore and every Bond down the line.

Judi Dench is a great actress and she usually has a time space of about ten minutes in most Bond movies in the past but not this one. And yes, I would like to talk about Judi first and not Craig and if you are intelligent enough you should catch my drift and if not, don’t worry, you are like me, happily stupid. She portrays M (Emma – only one word on hearing this name fully, WOW) very beautifully that one falls in love with her once again if not already at the end of the movie. But I will just tell you this, this is the movie in which the meaning of the letter, “M” changes from Emma to Mallory, so brace yourselves.

Daniel Craig is a more serious actor than the previous Bonds and his decision or the directors’ decision to not make him look romantic or cocky was brilliant. He is great in the way he is and he plays his role well. His face reveals his emotions in a subtle way but not too much. He moves like a secret agent with power and style yet haunted by his own past. You could see this in his eyes. And the way he runs at his age, well, they needed a car steady cam to shoot his running and I am at loss of words.

Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory has a very respectable start in this movie and he is definitely the most appropriate person for his role. You simply cannot think of someone better.

Javier Brandem is brilliant as usual. His character is very definitive and done well in the movie. I felt that this character lacked screentime and we don’t get enough of the villain to understand him well but thinking back a little, how much justice can you do in two hours. He clearly is the choice for any such roles, we have seen it in the past and we will see it in the future.

The Kid Q, Ben Whishaw looks cool and even though we do not get much of him in the movie, he will make a decent run I am sure.

Naomie Harris is bloody beautiful as Eve and the relationship that she has with Craig is well defined in the movie. None of the usual seduction business here. Plain and true professional friendship. Its the first of its kind and its great.

Berenice Marlohe is glamorous as Severin and even though she has very little time in the movie, I would say she got her international attention with this role. Way to go.

Thomas Newman’s music is admirable as usual and I did not have any surprises there. I have always known he does well. I have not heard the tracks enough to brag about them but they really did fit into the movie. Classic themes were not repeated and this fresh look at Bond with the new music gives a different tone to the movie setting.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography is a visual treat. The places are beautifully shot and they define the mood of the characters in the film.

Stunts are extraordinary in this film, though at some scenes I felt that the special effects did not pan out well but that’s hidden because of the fact that the story is fantastic.

And finally we are getting somewhere….

Sam Mendes always has this knack to take to you to the characters minds and makes you think what they think. Not just showing them the way you wish to see them but in the way they are. Each character in this movie has its own form, own history, own feelings and own problems. All colliding in the same ring of fire at the Skyfall when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all….. Woo….

Great work Sam! and great work everyone!….

I felt happy after watching this film but readers, a note of caution. If you are looking for an action adventure, full of posh locations and beautiful girls, save yourselves the trouble and do not go to this movie. But if you are on the lookout for a great story and a realistic portrayal, you are game. Enjoy.