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Steel your heart and Steal your hearts!

If there is one super hero whom I have liked the most, it would be Superman (No doubt in mind). Boy – who doesn’t want to fly – maybe some people with altitude sickness but who cares anyway. We wanna fly – lets stick to it for now. One has to note that, not just the flying attracts me to him but his urge to help and his sense of justice, these are the two aspects that give meaning to this character.(Well! The blog needs to make a point). Though the superhero’s character development involved a lot of thought, his alter ego is not very convincing (meh!). Who wouldn’t find out that the guy with and without glasses are the same person, Lois Lane (dumb), no less. But one cannot question Zack Snyder about this for two reasons. One – it’s not his idea that Superman’s alter ego is Clark Kent and two – he changed the game. His movie doesn’t portray Lois Lane as the stupid reporter who wouldn’t know Superman if he stared her in the eyes but as an investigate journalist who uncovers his secret by tracking him down and finding him for who he really is – a farm boy.

 Yes we are here to review the much awaited and not so disappointing Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. (Finally I said it).


Before going to a movie, it’s become a habit of several people including me to look at Internet Movie Database commonly known as IMDB not just to see the movie’s best special effects in the form of a trailer, but also to see what other people have said about the movie. You see the movie’s rating before you hit the theatre – if not the first day. So I did and I saw that the rating crossed 8. I am not sure if IMDB intended me to expect much from this movie that what actually is but I am sorry to say it did. So there I was sitting with high expectations and its Zack Snyder for crying out loud. The man made some very good movies like 300, Suckerpunch and one of my most favorite super hero movies of all time, Watchmen. He usually had this uncanny ability to bring out some unsettling truths about being a superhero. This for one was something that I wished to see in Superman. I mean – how bad could things get for Superman – I was waiting to see.

I have always admired Russell Crowe as an actor. He delivers. This movie is no exception. He sticks to his role, Jor-El and the portrayal is subtle. No complaints here. (Trust me, coming from me, this is a great compliment but the guy’s won an Oscar, so everyone knows).

Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van has this teary look throughout (her ten minutes of screentime that is) and even though she doesn’t evoke the powerful sentiment that I expected she is not a bad choice. I mean when Kal-El leaves Krypton, its as high as it gets, the sentimentality. But I am not a Kryptonian, maybe that’s the reason why I did not feel sentimental, I mean who knows right? The special effects in Krypton are pretty good – this is one of Zack’s trademarks. Every scene must be big and loaded with CG. So what we are trying to say so far is – Clark has left the planet.

Jor-El is dead and the villain has been introduced as General Zod – the rebellious militant commander who attempts a coup of Krypton. He is a villain alright – he kills Jor-El but that’s the extent of his achievement. He is captured and is exiled into space into a black hole – as most space movies do – no big surprises here. I have always liked Michael Shannon as an actor. He plays very complex roles with ease. His portrayal of John Givings in Revolutionary Road is a fine example of his skills. He is a man of theater and though he is good at portraying complex emotions, I found out from this movie that he is not good at something – a man cannot be all that perfect. He simply cannot scream. When he was crying “I will find him” in this movie, I felt like his throat was dry – I mean someone give this guy a glass of water. He is not as menacing as I would expect General Zod to be. He had to be taller, bigger with much deeper voice and menacing eyes. He looked the exact opposite.

This being said, Antje Traue is a true surprise. She was one of the best things that ever happened to this movie. Faora-Ul is as menacing as she can be. When she says, “You will not win. For every human you save, we will kill a million more”, I really wanna believe her. If I were to describe her portrayal of Faora, she was “convincing and real”.

Kevin Costner may be a good actor but he really requires screentime to showcase his talents. His scenes though meant to be emotional and help to define Clark Kent for who he is, are not very effective. One of the scenes explains the reason for Clark’s anonymity but I did not feel it (Sad story!)

Diane Lane is a fine actress. Now that said, she is not right for Martha Kent. What can I say? She just lacked the motherliness of the role. I was happier with Annette O’Toole as Martha in Smallville than with Diane Lane in this movie. What more, the relationship between Clark and Martha is not well established in this movie. There are good scenes but the necessary emotion is lacking.

Amy Adams auditioned three times under different actors for Lois Lane finally to become HER in this movie only to find out that there isn’t a flying romantic scene with Superman. Must suck! She doesn’t seem to complain but I will. When I saw her in the Doubt, I was convinced that she should win a supporting actor Academy award. But she proved to be a poor choice for Lois in this movie. The charm and the wit needed for that character is missing. She just seems older, tired – just doesn’t feel like the adventurous hot girl next to the super-hero.

Henry Cavill – a man who has proved himself to be one of the actors who can put in work for a role – why am I getting this feeling that I am hearing “hear hear” all around me. Anyway, well, (too many adjectives but what the heck!) the long and hard struggle to get into one such leading role proves that he’s done a lot of work to get here (Even though everyone knows this, it’s worth mentioning). But we are not here to talk about his woes (uh-uh) but about his work in this movie (Yus!). Does he look the role? The Oohs and the Awws from the gals in the theatre answers this question. He is certainly no Christopher Reeve but we are not asking for one now. He looks great, the costume is better, technology is advanced. But the real question is there are some moments in this movie in which we are supposed to really FEEL him (emotionally I mean). Well, well, some people feel this way either because they are so close to the character or because they like him not entirely because of his acting skills. In terms of looks he is an easy A but in terms of acting, he has a long way to go. I am not complaining that he did not do well, no sir, – he certainly is suitable and what more, capable (now what are we saying here?) but is all his acting talents showcased? This is a definite NO. I am hoping for better acting and looks (duh) in the announced Man of Steel 2. Zack (or the gym guy or the special effects guy), make it count!

Before I went to the movie, I had no idea who wrote the background score for this movie. The movie started playing and the horns started blaring and I knew, I snapped my fingers and I knew it must be MUST be Hans Zimmer. A lot of people compare him to John Williams and John Barry of our generation. Now I ask them why. When there is a John Williams, why can’t you take Hans as himself? Why is there a need to compare? Maybe people like comparisons but whatever. His score for this movie is awesome and gives Superman a brand new feel which is great. Well you ought to hear it to feel it is all I can say at this point. Magnificent! The tune was more like inception but different nevertheless and who cares about an Oscar nomination (I am surprised if he gets one for this but I don’t really care!). Great music is great music Oscar nominated or not. Same goes with movies but let’s stick to the point.

Only one question remains – should I see this movie or not? Yes you most definitely should. – there I said it! A lot of creativity and hardwork is involved and it is a good script. But I am not too fond of the making and emotions don’t fly high. See the movie and tell me I am wrong.



At the Skyfall when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all….

I wanted to have a smaller title but could not cut it short or it loses its meaning. There are no twists and turns about which movie we are talking about today. Obviously we are working towards giving a decent (on-my-part) review of the movie, Skyfall.

One thinks different things when we heard the word Skyfall and Adele’s mesmerizing title song says it all, only we listen but do not understand the song until the end of the movie. Maybe whoever is reading this, if you have not seen the movie, take my word and listen to the song properly or be lazy enough to ignore it but to understand it later after the movie is very over.  I guess you should have gotten my point now. I like the song. So, moving on….

This movie cannot be described in a single statement. It is more personal, more touching, more revealing, more dramatic and certainly more real than many other Bond movies that I have seen before and believe me when I say this as I have seen most of the Bond movies starting from Roger Moore and every Bond down the line.

Judi Dench is a great actress and she usually has a time space of about ten minutes in most Bond movies in the past but not this one. And yes, I would like to talk about Judi first and not Craig and if you are intelligent enough you should catch my drift and if not, don’t worry, you are like me, happily stupid. She portrays M (Emma – only one word on hearing this name fully, WOW) very beautifully that one falls in love with her once again if not already at the end of the movie. But I will just tell you this, this is the movie in which the meaning of the letter, “M” changes from Emma to Mallory, so brace yourselves.

Daniel Craig is a more serious actor than the previous Bonds and his decision or the directors’ decision to not make him look romantic or cocky was brilliant. He is great in the way he is and he plays his role well. His face reveals his emotions in a subtle way but not too much. He moves like a secret agent with power and style yet haunted by his own past. You could see this in his eyes. And the way he runs at his age, well, they needed a car steady cam to shoot his running and I am at loss of words.

Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory has a very respectable start in this movie and he is definitely the most appropriate person for his role. You simply cannot think of someone better.

Javier Brandem is brilliant as usual. His character is very definitive and done well in the movie. I felt that this character lacked screentime and we don’t get enough of the villain to understand him well but thinking back a little, how much justice can you do in two hours. He clearly is the choice for any such roles, we have seen it in the past and we will see it in the future.

The Kid Q, Ben Whishaw looks cool and even though we do not get much of him in the movie, he will make a decent run I am sure.

Naomie Harris is bloody beautiful as Eve and the relationship that she has with Craig is well defined in the movie. None of the usual seduction business here. Plain and true professional friendship. Its the first of its kind and its great.

Berenice Marlohe is glamorous as Severin and even though she has very little time in the movie, I would say she got her international attention with this role. Way to go.

Thomas Newman’s music is admirable as usual and I did not have any surprises there. I have always known he does well. I have not heard the tracks enough to brag about them but they really did fit into the movie. Classic themes were not repeated and this fresh look at Bond with the new music gives a different tone to the movie setting.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography is a visual treat. The places are beautifully shot and they define the mood of the characters in the film.

Stunts are extraordinary in this film, though at some scenes I felt that the special effects did not pan out well but that’s hidden because of the fact that the story is fantastic.

And finally we are getting somewhere….

Sam Mendes always has this knack to take to you to the characters minds and makes you think what they think. Not just showing them the way you wish to see them but in the way they are. Each character in this movie has its own form, own history, own feelings and own problems. All colliding in the same ring of fire at the Skyfall when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all….. Woo….

Great work Sam! and great work everyone!….

I felt happy after watching this film but readers, a note of caution. If you are looking for an action adventure, full of posh locations and beautiful girls, save yourselves the trouble and do not go to this movie. But if you are on the lookout for a great story and a realistic portrayal, you are game. Enjoy.


Who says Dark isn’t Bright? Well, here is the proof it is…


The Trailer said “The Wait is Over”. Well it could have simply said “The Knight is Over”… Indeed the trailer was true. We were waiting to see how good a third movie would be, following two great movies. Everybody wants to be a super-hero to break the enemy down of course but never to be broken yourself. Christopher Nolan is here to tell you otherwise. Yes, I rise with this blog to say in a few hundred words about the dramatic end to a batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises.

If you have not heard of Knightfall, you should. Because, thats the DC comic book that this movie is based on. Brilliant, the comic is and the movie is more than brilliant that a word hasn’t been invented to describe how much as yet.

Bane is played very well by Tom Hardy, that you do not know whether to hate him in the beginning or to love him in the end. There is more meaning given to the character than himself in this movie and with only eyes to be seen he expresses hate and love in a very convincing way. Well, I was very much impressed!

Christian Bale as always is a very committed actor who delivers his part very well. The gloom of his real life as Bruce Wayne is etched on his face when the movie begins. He clearly expresses his happiness when the need for Batman arises and he is so eager to get back to action. He is lightened up by a beautiful, funny and dazzling Anne Hathaway.

Anne steals the show even though she is in the movie only for about 30 minutes give or take a few. Enchanting is the right word for her portrayal of the Catwoman. When I heard she was cast, I was skeptical. How is such a dame with the squeaky voice going to be a snivelly cunning Catwoman, well what do I know. What a slap on my face. It still hurts.

Marion Cotillard is great in her part but this role was so much similar to her role in the Inception. Neverthess, she was good.

Micheal Caine plays the brilliant butler as always and his portrayal was amazing that your thoughts align with him at some point to be concerned about Bale not becoming Batman than becoming one. Although, I will admit that I was happy that he rose back as Batman. How else could we have gotten to see the Batmobile again and the mesmerizing “Bat”.

Morgan Freeman‘s role is very limited in this movie and there aren’t any of his usual dialogues in this movie, to cheer you up. I must admit Gary Oldman‘s got a better role in this movie than the first two.

Joseph Gordon-Lewitt is surprising good and looks mature in this movie. And when he is finally revealed as Robin, you have a funny feeling that a sequel is in its way, whether Chris Nolan intended to or not, though I believe the former. Me and many others would be very pleased if Nolan is ready to direct it too!

Hans Zimmer is too good to be true. Whenever the Batman comes in any form, the music is so great that you could not just shout it off in the theatre. It still rings in your head. When Bale rises out of the jail the chanting behind him makes you want to chat with them, literally. I would have been happier if James Newton Howard joined Hans in this movie but its his decision and not mine and I am not very disappointed with the music. Its bloody brilliant is what it is.

Jonathan is ready to help with the screenplay and Lee Smith with the editing and the movie becomes an extravaganza with the direction of none other than Christopher Nolan. The trilogy, saga or whatever we wish to call this has come to an end and we have seen several sagas coming to an end because we want it to. But this is not the one. We are not so happy that it did but people leave the cinemas with a smile on their faces because of the way it did. The knight fell indeed but with flair.

I really did not want to touch upon much of the story of the movie here not because I don’t want to but because I very much do. I do not wish to spoil the fun. Only thing that I am trying to do is perhaps to increase the expectations and make more money for the Warner Bros, though not expecting a commission here. No worries. Only free marketing here…

Finally the only thing that makes this movie great is the story. It is a super-hero movie but with more than just tight abs and kicking bad guys out of their wits but to have a moral, to live with code, to instill emotion, to show that life is not all that great even for a super-hero and to teach him and us to learn to push harder, endure so one day we know what we really want and to get it so we can be happy and so can the others who care of us.

I will put a stop to this to allow you to get tickets/go watch the movie/to stop boring you if you have already seen the movie.


Save a place in your heart…


Oscar – A name, a word by pronunciation itself brings pride to the english film industry.
What if the director of the movie won this twice, the hero twice again and these top minds come together to make a movie that, no one knew, but anticipated, won five academy awards, to prove its worth. To make a war movie in itself is a challenge. How do you introduce drama, human touch, deep emotions in such a scenario, where things are burning everywhere around?

Imagine an Edith Piaf’s song of lost love in a place where soot falls like rain and a theme with loving moms, caring brothers and memories of childhood, all around one central character like the sun with the planets just revolving round and round and round.

If such an epic movie can be made, it can be made only once and the movie always has a special place in everyone’s hearts and minds, a place saved for “Saving Private Ryan”

John Miller

I think everyone who’s ever heard of this movie can make up the names of the director, Steven Spielberg and the lead actor, the sun, Tom Hanks! After all these years of watching movies, this is one such movie which stays fresh in my mind, primarily due to the direction, cinematography and the performances.

The movie is primarily about a group of soldiers moving in into Nazi occupied France to save a person, a soldier, one living among many on the war zone. Interesting reason is why.
James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon), a soldier, is the fourth brother of a family and the other three brothers have died in the same war. FUBAR. John Miller’s (Tom Hanks) team with a small group of soldiers – all accomplished actors today – embark on a journey to find him and get him home to his mom. This order to save, retrieve is made by a then general, George C Marshall of the United States Marine corps. He makes this decision due to an earlier incident, in which five of the same family die in the same war and this scene is shown with a letter written by Abraham Lincoln himself to a Mrs.Bixby.

“Dear Madam: I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Yours very sincerely and respectfully, Abraham Lincoln.”

This is one of the favorite quotes of many to come in the movie. My hands wouldn’t just clip this long quote. So that’s that.

If I were to talk of casting, I thought everybody was perfect for their roles, except one. I, for one, am one of the many many people who thought, Tom Hanks is just wrong for this role. Why him in a war movie, why not Arnold? But I admit, I was wrong and Steven Spielberg was right there. Perfect casting; His leadership quality is amazing and the mystery of his profession at home is really thought provoking. When you know who Miller really is, you understand the reason for Tom Hanks being there, in this movie.

Cinematography in this movie really deserves an Oscar (and of course, won). The camera man is the one who has really been a part of the heart of the war. He was the one under water, near exploding bombs, bullets, tanks, you name it. The movie seems real when we watch. Only in the aftermath do we realize where we really are. Just Authentic and spectacular!

This would be Steven Spielberg’s best picture may be after Schindler’s list, though this is a different venture altogether but on similar lines. Hail Steven!

If you think US has won the war, you see how much it costs in this movie. The movie focuses on showing good and bad in people’s minds rather than wandering into the usual question of, “Are all Nazi’s bad?” The truth is when you are face to face with the enemy with a loaded gun, we would do what we would do. Fight for survival. No greatness there.

This movie portrays strong feelings, the ones that flash to you when you are an inch to death. This movie shows who really are and makes us question ourselves, what would I do? This movie lulls you into a little bit of soul-searching but my search seems to be indefinite. No answer even today (sigh). I would suggest, go see the movie if you haven’t already. Let me know if you can find an answer. I sincerely doubt it though. But it’s worth a try…


It all ends… But without an emotional outbreak!!!

The world is crazy! And Harry Potter would be the best example for this. People rename school clubs, have quiz, debates, write character sketches, pencil scars in their foreheads and have made an ordinary person extraordinary. Her deed is extraordinary of course but what I feel which is out of ordinary is the universal acceptance of flying in brooms, breathing fire, of making an animal a water goblet. These all may sound silly and crazy but only until you know and most likely become the wonderful characters created by Jane Rowling who do these… We had no idea how we will live a fantasy, consider twigs fancy, bushy hair a favorite hairstyle and start loving hooty owls for pets.

After all this is said and done, we have spent our times looking for all this creativity to be made into reality through CG and special effects. We weren’t always disappointed. Chris columbus started these movies off with a bang and the books became even more popular. Warner bros had hit their jackpot. Perhaps after two of these movies Chris seems to have gotten too much of the magic wind and bailed out. Then came Alfonso and Mike Nevell, both trying their best but I should say I was not convinced but perhaps these books were too much to be made into two hour movies or maybe not!

Then came in David Yates to prove me wrong. He showed us that even the slowest book could be made beautiful on the big screen. But maybe his magic drained out with the fifth movie that the half blood prince was disappointing. But he rose back with Deathly hallows part 1 to rise our expectations. So there I was gaping my mouth at the mere fact that the last movie of the saga was in 3d. Expectations were limitless. But, would David prove worthy? That would be the question of the hour.

So the movie began..
It actually started exactly where it left off. Dobby’s grave. I don’t know if I were to call this good or bad. I am more inclined towards bad. If it was aimed at bringing about continuity it sadly did not. If we are expected to feel bad for Dobby we don’t. I think the movie’s beginning could be best described as abrupt.

If one is disappointed with the movie’s start, it ain’t over yet. Much more’s in store.

The first half is hasty and it doesn’t give enough acting space for the actors and doesn’t give enough time for the viewers to appreciate what we see. The much expected dragon sequence at the Gringotts ends much too soon to make it your favorite but its a good scene nevertheless.

The movie then moves to Hogwarts and I had a feeling that even though the movie had just begun but we were at its climax.

The War of Hogwarts has everything, Dementors, Werewolves, Giants and Spiders but all without any significance whatsoever.

Nagini’s death even though well shot isn’t worthy. Molly’s lashing out at Bellatrix could have been a little bit longer. It’s so quick that it could be easily missed. Maggie Smith’s dialogue brings smiles to people’s faces, even though we do not have it in the book.

Most Importantly, the very thing that was missing in the whole movie was the emotion. Ginny is not there for just kissing Harry you know… Pathetic.

Snape’s death should make you weep but it does not even cause a glitch. No blame on Alan Rickman though. He is at his best but his scope and the pace of the movie does not give us time to feel any emotion at that point.

Also, Voldemort was supposed to be fighting Harry in the common room amidst everyone. But this does not happen. There just fight each other somewhere in the ruins without anyone’s notice. Getting some private time, are we? Lame!

When Voldemort dies if we are to feel elation we do not, only misery, that the movie is at its end without we feeling happy.

Also, at this point, Harry just walks into the common room alone! There isn’t a single person, appreciating him or commending him for his bravery in the common room. I was kinda expecting all the people in the great hall would be giving him a bow or something. The only reason why this hasn’t happened could be because of the fact that all were sad for the loss of their loved ones. Nevertheless, a hug would have done the trick but whats missing is missing.

In the end, Harry is shown as a generous character, devoid of liking for great power, that he can snap the elder wand into two at the end of the movie. It does not seem generous to me but only preposterous.

The movie is long over but the misery isn’t. Harry Potter, the character that most of us breathed through, lived through, all these past years, where is he? Does he live in Daniel Radcliffe? Apparently not. I am just curious as to how the person, who resembles the character, has been living the character, can be so dumb and expressionless. I am clueless. I am far off from England, I do not have a scar, I do not wear glasses and I am not so brave but I can feel the Harry inside of me. Why not Dan? It will remain a mystery.

The greatest disappointment for me was perhaps Emma Watson. Her role was limited. No acting scope. It just made me think, All her acting life she has lived the character, to only become alienated to Hermione in the final one, What a shame! A beautiful, talented actress thoroughly wasted. I am awaiting the perks now. Hope there isn’t any disappointment there.

The special effects were good but the music failed miserably.. Alexandre Desplat needs more charisma.. Probably he was not the best choice. The blend between the music and the movie, the one of the John Williams era, is clearly missing.

Anyway, if I were to express myself shortly, if you are a person who is looking for an action movie with three dimensional special effects out of Deathly Hallows 2, this movie would be great for you. But if you are looking for Harry or Ron or Hermione or He Who Must not be Named, you won’t be finding them. You are left with a search and a question. No answers.

Getting back to our first question.. Does David Yates prove worthy? I leave the verdict with you. Go see this movie to pay a final respect for all the happy memories that we have had for the past ten years but nothing more


Transformers – Dark of the Moon – Even more darker than that!

Its been a long time since my last visit and I am having mixed feelings about this. Happy for all the great times that have passed and sad for missing my blog, and who makes it so worthwhile to write, You..

So, this being said, today’s topic isn’t you or me but a common passion that we share, the reason you are in this page and the reason I write for, movies…

It’s been a blockbuster month and I decided to start with some chartbusters but more aptly money wasters and the top of my list happens to be none other than Transformers, Dark of the Moon.
So, let’s hit it…

Michael Bay is a genius. I kinda see why Steven Spielberg invests in him. He has achieved an impossible feat of creating something out of nothing.

No storyline, non-acting actors, no central idea and no emotion and yet the movie is turning millions with just its three dimensional effects and excellent background score.

Shia labeouf is going down and down in my actor scale, a good talent thoroughly wasted. You can comfortably forget the road to the academy fella, in this route, it aint coming!!

Being pretty isn’t the only quality for a heroine, but it certainly seems so after this movie as you don’t see anything more. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks cool but her (Victoria’s) secret isn’t working any more.

If there could be one person in this movie, in the wrong place at the wrong time, it would definitely be Patrick Dempsey… What the hell is he doing here? One more good actor wasted, many thanks to Mr. Bay! It seems to me that Michael Bay had a lot of money to spare. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve played this role. Not necessarily Patrick…

My mind was asking several similar questions as the movie went on..
Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, etc and etc.. Who are you people and what are you guys doing here? Have you suddenly turned into stunt performers rather than actors? We had no idea.
And the billion dollar question, why for the love of god would Michael bay bring in a legend and send him down falling, John Malkovich. The old man is really losing his mind with his goofy associations.

The only welcome change that I saw was the presence of Frances McDormand. Her role was restricted but you do not fail to notice her. One can really appreciate the difference that she shows in her acting when one sees movies like Fargo and this back-to-back, not that I would want to see this movie again. But, the fact is, she fits to her role perfectly in both.

So after all the above chatter, if sleek cars and awe-inspiring action do it for you, go for this and you won’t feel disappointed. If you are a person who feels any emotion toward any of the characters then go for this only to feel miserable and sad, coming out the cinemas with a frown and a slump.

PS: Leaving out Optimus Prime in this review is deliberate. There isn’t anything to say anyway. 😛


“The Man from Earth” is created by a man from Heaven, no less


One of my friends with whom my movie-watching taste always matches, was oo-ing an aah-ing about some picture that he saw recently. When I asked him,”Which theater?”, he said, “DVD” and I thought to myself, I am not affected by movies that I watch in the theater, imagine a DVD.

I just thought I will probe him more. He might make me a little interested by some other aspect of the movie. A gorgeous heroine or a special-powered hero or something of the sort. But to my dismay, there was no notable cast and in less than a minute I forgot the director’s name.

I borrowed the DVD for his sake and went home and played it. The first ten minutes made me get out of the cozy chair and call him to ask him if he thought I was an idiot to waste my PRECIOUS time on this. I would have lavishly spent this couple of hours usefully chatting in facebook or reading a novel. He simply replied for me to continue and in the end of movie, curse him if I still want to.

So, I continued on, with a little regret.

The movie’s set was simple. Four cars, ten people at the most, a living room set and that was it.

But after the first ten minutes after the first ten minutes, I moved a little towards the edge of the seat and as the movie progressed, I was moving more and more toward the edge.

The conversation in the movie was so brilliant that made me forget my surroundings. It was convincing and thought-provoking at the same time. One man convincing all the others in the room with an undecipherable story was fun. The fellow actors were probing the lead with questions that would pop up in the viewer’s mind and the viewer – I – was thrilled to find that without much fact or data the lead actor was convincing all of us – the fellow actors in the screen and the viewers – with his story.

The pace of dialogue is brilliant and can be best described as Occupying.

The credit would definitely go to the screenplay writer (assuming that this includes the dialogues too). One who watches the movie understands the thought process that was involved in creating a great thing out of nothing. And I thought to myself, I am saved, as I was not going to commit murder (OF guess who? :P).

I also acknowledged the gruesome truth that we are more centered towards movies with fancy actors and characters and not towards movies like these. This movie has shaped me into accepting and respecting good thoughtful movies, fancy actors or not, scenic locations or not. If I can describe my feelings towards this movie in one word, it would be “Respect”. So, go respect this movie.


“Let Me In” completely lets you in


Its quite a night and its quite a movie.

I am not a fan of horror movies but the movie that we are gonna review today is a perfect blend between Horror and Drama, a Hor-ama.

An Anonymous director, Matt Reeves, at least from my perspective, no big cast except perhaps the always ideal Richard Jenkins, the growing bright (and old) Elias Koteas (You may remember him as Mr.Gateau in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but if you don’t never mind. If you haven’t seen TCCBB then never bother at all) and the two kids, Kodi and Chloe has turned a good novel into a beautiful no-word-to-suitably-describe-it movie

“Let Me In”

Kodi is a school boy with his own troubles at school. They are quite violent and sick for a school boy to face but that’s the way it is.

Chloe is the all-new-neighborhood girl, a weird one, who walks without her shoes on Ice.
If we do not guess, she is later revealed to be a blood-drinking menacing Vampire who has lived as a 12-year-old and still as one for a very long time.

She moves into Kodi’s neighbourhood with her so-called dad.
The movie moves to show that her dad is not exactly who he is said to be and since she feeds blood for a living, he goes hunting every night to obtain the same. Human-hunting of course. (Told you that this movie has some horror to it)

The dad, Richard Jenkins, is shown as a old person, clumsy and tired to do his job. Why is he doing this to her if she is not his daughter, lets reveal the secret later.

Kodi secretly develops a friendship with her and she becomes a kind of girl friend to him.
When his school problem gets well above him, she gives him strength and asks him to fight it. This results in Kodi hitting his fellow classmate with a fishing stick to tear his ear. This results in his expulsion but he luckily escapes.

The friendship goes steady even when Chloe’s guardian advises her against it and tells her to leave the boy alone. She is forced to reveal herself to him one day when he is trying to make a pact with her with his own blood. (Kids stuff)

He gets afraid initially but later admits reality and becomes her friend again.

Things start to go wrong in the second half when the old man tries to kill a person and gets into an automobile accident. In order to hide his identity he pours acid all over his face and hands and is admitted into the hospital.

When Chloe (Abby) goes to meet him at the hospital, she realizes that he could no longer help her and he is dying. Richard, the guardian, apologizes and sacrifices himself by giving her his last blood.

Disheartened by this sudden loss, Chloe decides to leave town, away from Kodi.

Now that She is gone, Kodi starts to feel lonely again. Back in his school, the kid whose ear he pierced comes back with his gang to threaten Kodi and drown him in the school’s swimming pool.

Kodi is under water fighting for breath when special effects are shown above water implying that Abby/Chloe has come for his rescue and she kills all the other three kids. (Pool water turns red, no battered bodies are shown)

Now, Kodi has become her friend, guardian and lover and we come to understand that History is going to repeat itself and the old man, Richard was not her dad but her past lover and secret guardian and his undying love is the reason he had killed for her.

The movie ends with Kodi taking Chloe with him in a train and the sun sets.

The way in which the above plain story is told is what we should be looking at here.
When all this is said, if you go to the theater expecting a twilight-ish sort of a movie you will definitely be disappointed but if you like dramas, then this is your butter.
Go see this and admiration guaranteed.

Way to go All…


Journey towards the centre of the Labyrinth


I always consider myself singled out. I like some movies that none of my friends like. But I found out today that the inverse is not entirely true. My friends have always offered me opinions about some great movies that I should be seeing. But I have never had enough time to see them(This is a lame excuse by the way but thats the way it is)

Today, I thought I would try defying the nature and mix my real world with the surreal one.(I am talking about me taking a friends suggestion in case you are wondering what I am attempting to say). And guess what, the most happiest thing was the movie that I saw portrays the same exact thing, reality + fantasy in a realistic+fantastic way.

Here we are to review an epic of a movie, in my opinion, Pan’s Labyrinth.

This movie gives us the perfect blend between the fantasy and the real worlds and the amazing thing is, there are no great special effects involved. There are no pleasing animated characters, no big secret at the end, no miracle and especially, no hi-fi cast to take the movie forward.
Yet, this would be the best movie that I have seen in quite some time now. A movie that makes you realize how great it would be when a simple story can be carved out of a usual fairy tale like a marvelous statue from plain stone.

The story pans through the life of a young girl, who idolizes her fairy tales, the brief time that she spends in her step-father’s house in the post-war Spain. Her mother is pregnant and her father is a brutal captain who kills rebels on sight.

The story moves with the girl finding an old pile of stones, a labyrinth near her house. She is led to believe that she is the princess of a fantasy kingdom and the centre of the labyrinth is the gateway to the kingdom. This information is shown to be provided by the pan/fawn who lives in the labyrinth, the gate-keeper.

The girl has to complete three grue-some tasks to prove herself worthy to enter the gate.

As she struggles through her tasks, she also finds out some gruesome truths of her existence. She is surrounded by a suffering pregnant mother, a rebel-supporting house-maid and a brutal stop-at-nothing step-father.

Things go bad in the second half of the movie. The pan denies her entry to the portal as the girl disobeys a direct order. The rebels move closer, the maid’s identity is revealed, and worse, her mother dies in childbirth.
Pan taking pity on the girl promises her that if she could bring her brother to the portal, she might be able to enter.

The girl tries to enter to steal her brother from her father’s chambers. At the same time, the house is breached by the rebels and there is chaos everywhere. She carries the baby and while her step-father pursues with the gun, she hurtles through the house into the labyrinth, only to find out that she has to kill her brother to enter the labyrinth. Because the portal opens only when an innocent’s blood is shed.

In the centre of the labyrinth, her father is behind the girl with the gun, the pan is waiting for the girl to fulfill her deed, the rebel aka maid enters into the labyrinth with her men in pursuit of the captain and guns and bombs fire everywhere around. In this full-charge atmosphere, the best thing for me would be to leave you to speculate about the ending. If you do not want to, go see the movie and you won’t be disappointed although you might be with me, now. But all for good.
Go, enjoy this movie if you haven’t yet seen this and thank me. If you have seen this movie then its my turn to thank you for reading.


Am I gonna sing? Why do I think of this question?


Weeks and weeks it has been and I can assure you I am not gonna sing. So welcome to read-on (Possibly not but now that you are here, go-ahead anyway).

We are here to re-view the all-time the same, casual comedy, another New York life story of this year following movies like The Devil wears Prada, 27 Dresses and The Proposal, the all too new but nothing new – “Morning Glory”.

The movie has nothing new except perhaps the beautiful gorgeous, no suitable word to describe, Rachel McAdams.

You have got to give it to the Paramount. As the name suggests, its a paramount stellar starcast.
You would simply not get enough of them.

Harrison Ford, cynical grandpa, once again, comes back with a boom.
He is what one would call gritty and groovy. Simply makes you like him in any role he plays.
The one thing that he has not achieved as yet would be the nod from the Academy but when his fame and pay is in the superlative I am not sure if he would worry. But if he does, its his problem and not ours.
So lets try not to donate tissues and move on.

Diane Keaton, another grumbling old in the movie, who moves through the movie with Sarcasm and moves the movie with her charm. Kudos!

Jeff Goldblum, good comeback! He looks decent and plays neat.

I couldn’t help but wonder but quite recently all the directors seem to be adding a male glamor element in their movies, in this movie, the handsome, Patrick Wilson. His role in the heroine-centric movie is not as a hero but to add this and that to the movie. He is cast as the person whom the heroine needs to sleep with every now and then. As I say earlier, glamor quotient.

Best thing about the movie, the setup in New York, like many-o-many movies before but never failing to attract.

But the real question is, What have they tried to achieve with all this perfection?

I hate to this this but the best answer to the above question would be, “Not Enough” to make you think about the movie, after the movie. Shame.

This movie talks about a self-confident (but not good enough in expressing it) person, Rachel Mcadams of course, who when thrown out of her job gets to even a better one and tries to perfect it, in fact barely trying to retain it.

She is an executive producer in a television channel and the movie begins with she being thrown out of her job from her New Jersey’s TV Channel. How else would you drive a woman with a drive to New York?

So life is kinda worse for her, so worse that she gets a better job in New York, only to find out that she has to manage with the miserable female host of the show, Diane Keaton.

And if she wasn’t enough, Rachel is thrown into a situation to hire a newsman, Harrison Ford, to not to do news but to be a co-host to the grumbly Diane. Well, Ford proves to be more tough and Rachel is clueless to make the show a success. As if there wasn’t enough misery in Rachel’s life already, Jeff Goldblum is on her tail and he is relentless.

When finally the show itself is gonna be cancelled in a month’s time, Rachel gets her wind back to make the show a hit in USA and how she does it makes rest of the screen time.

If its any consolation the movie doesn’t over do things and also talks about personal ethics that is “One Family’s must mean more than work”. But when all is said and done, the viewer might feel something for his/her family but definitely nothing for the movie, for all that they have tried.

I would love to write more but thats all there is to it.

If you are looking for a casual getaway on a boring saturday afternoon, this might be your catch. Its not boring even if its usual at times and the actors kinda makeup for the otherwise bad ending for the director and the screenplay. Better play better next time folks! People are not going to be numb/dumb forever you know.

So, Show’s over people. Go read something useful. But if you are looking for some junk to wile your useful time away, then you always know where to look. HERE.