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Tron Legacy – Indeed it is…


Greeting Programs!!

Welcome to another episode of virtual transportation into another world called the Grid, only this time you will see more of blue and red lights than anything else. If its any consolation, you will be accompanied by the Fatherly, Jeff Bridges, the Handsome, Garett Hedlund and the absolutely gorgeous, Olivia Wilde.

Yes, we are talking about, Tron Legacy, if you haven’t figured.

The movie is appropriately named, Tron Legacy. The original movie, Tron, is legacy now comparing to this three dimensional version. But I, for one, would agree with any decent movie watcher and say, Tron was a much better movie than its sequel.

It had what would you called originality which is simply lacking here. Anyway, we are not here to review Tron but to review its sequel. So forgetting my feelings for Tron, I continue to our present subject.

On a good-start note, I am going to begin this review by saying that, I felt relieved that even in the Cyber World where man feeds current for a living, you still find …. (if you had expected me to say Love, go shoot yourself) … Hot Girls. :P. Later later…

Garett, a heir of the major corporation, Encom, is a whiz-kid brought-en up without his father. What became of him, you will find later. If you do not, then the movie has no point. Anyway, after this young boy (not so young now) has gone on for about twenty years without his father, or simply put, after he has become a hero, he is ready to take upon the evil ones.
He happens to find himself his father’s secret lab, (oh! every super-hero should have one), tries to experiment and gets himself into the world of computer programs, namely the Grid. He is initially engaged to play games and he being the User doesn’t know to change the game, Pity! And when he is about to lose, you would find yourself mouthing, “Of Course”, the hot heroine is out to save him.

He is taken to his father, Jeff Bridges and bla bla bla..
Afterward he wants to pursue evil and destroy it to take his father out of the system. So he sets out without the Heroine this time and gets caught within the loops of the master program, Clu, who is an younger animated CG version of cool looking Jeff Bridges again.

Fights ensue and the father Jeff comes to rescue and they escape out of Clu’s hands. The movie drones on to show some father son chats but none worthy. Later the action begins as they learn that Clu has built a program army to meet the external world and destroy it. They fight Clu and in an attempt to save Garett, Jeff integrates himself with Clu destroying them both. Hero and Heroine safely sent back to real life.
End of story.

Section: Later:
Continuing on where we left off…. Hot girls…
Olivia Wilde is super cool in her role as Quorra, talking you through the movie with her charms.
Her costume and her hair-do is more fitting and is supposed to be tough but she looks idyllic.

Garett Hedlund is great and does not look like a new face (even though a nice one) to the industry. You have got more time to grow up, man.

Jeff Bridges as always is self contained and convincing both as the good and also as the bad, only bad looks awesome and good looks old and weary, as always.

Bruce Boxleitner is brought in, in a sort of a guest role when he is the co-hero in the first one, bad for you, Grandpa. You are in your Oscars age but still not much luck.

I, for one, felt that the movie should have been directed a little more better. Later, I heard that this was Joseph Kosinski’s debut film. I agree that he is decent. Good ground-kicking start. But he needs to grow to shed more light into the emotions in addition to his current great charisma in showing action.

What should have been emotional scenes between the son and father, even if surrounded by digital imagery, fade into lifelessness. I guess I expected more from the Director and from Jeff Bridges. (You deceived me, Jeff). Maybe Jeff didn’t want to play some sort of softy here but some simple but powerful expressions would have done the trick but please don’t hope to see anything.

Except if you can forget and forgive these misles, the movie is cool. A teenager would definitely enjoy this movie, but I have to agree, I have overgrown out of it.

The visual effects are fantastic and the sound-mixing is a no-word-can-describe-you-better kind of a thing.
Its good that it got nominated to the Oscars. Even if it didn’t win, its greatly commendable.

If you are an action-flick-fan which has a good background to it and if you are happy with the lights that blue and red colors create then go see this. You will have fun to the core, except for maybe some boring moments which are supposed to be great emotional breaks in the movie, but that’s okay, you will have a heart forgive these for the special effects. Your money will be well-spent, I guarantee you.

If you are happy with the movie’s outcome, then you can consider yourself sane, as the reviewer (that’s me)
seems to be a little distant from sane. So, before becoming not sane, (kinda looks a loop, or probably i am going loopy) I am going to log myself off of the system for the time being. Stop reading this now and go enjoy the movie.



Fair Game – or Should I be calling it a Great Game?


One more movie review today! God, I must be a movie maniac. Most of my blogs seem to revolve around movies. My head is like the Inception’s never toppling Top in a dream now, constant, in thinking and writing about movies, no offense Nolan.

A late disclaimer if I may, if you are reading this review, which is about the movie, Fair Game, without watching Inception(which is a wonderful movie by the way) and not knowing Nolan (who conceived Inception), well, you can go hang yourself.
But do read this through before you do so as you might be the occasional, accidental reader who has stumbled across this piece of so-called writing, unfortunately. If you still seem to go on, I would assume you really are crazy or I would want to admire your courage or patience whichever takes precedence.

Continuing on to some useful content, to fulfill the purpose of this blog to say the least, Fair Game.

Naomi Watts is the chic lady (who by her look proves that she is some sort of a covert operative, even before you had guessed she was CIA) is shown to travel across the world, intimidate the intimidating and get her covert work done (which by the way is so non-covert to the movie watcher but you get the general idea).

Sean Penn is the husband who plays a retired but very eloquent ambassador who seem to have 5 year old kids. (Oh Sean! Is your character trying to prove you wasted your young life achieving something that it took you so long to have kids. I haven’t the faintest idea).

Forgetting all this surrounding aspects nagging as they may, as the movie progresses, Naomi no doubt gets promoted and when the time came, Naomi has to choose someone to goto Niger to gather intelligence about Iraq buying nuclear weapons. This is where the eloquent husband Sean comes into play, as he is the formal ambassador with Connections in Niger, the man for the job.
But to Sean’s surprise Niger doesn’t offer him anything near to interesting and he comes home with nothing. Naomi goes back with this analysis to her office and is politely ignored while the president – Bush is shown telling the media that Iraq is preparing for a some sort of a nuclear war.

Mollified and unable to sit tight, Sean writes a sensitive (on the government side of course) newspaper article about the non-existence of a nuclear deal between Niger and Iraq. Heatened, Naomi is chucked out of the CIA and whats worse, her identity, which she had safe-guarded for so long, that she is an Agent, is revealed.

Naomi is dis-heartened while Sean conducts a kind of an anti-government rally against the white house.
The movie has some pretty sensational scenes of Sean doing interviews and making speeches and emotionally getting involved with his role with a great charisma.

The whole second half of the movie talks about how Naomi transforms from a skeptical person, worrying about her family, to a bring-it-on person. Naomi has done well, the transformation is real and doesn’t seem abrupt or overmade. At one point, you would find your mind thinking, Naomi, Come on, go for it. Then and only then does Naomi move.

And when she comes back with full force and joins Sean, the heat is ON.
My and many others favorite dialogue in the movie would and should be, the one that Naomi says to Sean,
“I don’t care what they say about me, about us, but, they do not get to take my marriage”.
Naomi’s delivery is simple and adequate and the movie becomes memorable just because of the way in which the movie ends, the way in which Naomi fades and the real person, Valerie Plame, comes into the shot.
Oh! Sorry if you are not aware, this is a real time story made into an awesome movie.

IMDB gave the movie a 7, I would give it more. Not ten, no but definitely deserving much more than a 7.
Fair Game is a Fair movie. Add it to your list of good movies. Enjoy!


I was indeed, Tangled!

It’s movie time.

Another Rapunzel movie, Whew! I thought to myself, “Would these guys give her a break for once, seriously?” With the beginning of the Shrek series there have been many, so many, Rapunzel (or Fiona or whatever she is called) type movies almost every year.
Whooff!, I considered myself mad for loving animation and going to see this movie and I thought to myself, as long as mad people like me are around, these old-story-remake losers are always gonna make money.
When the movie ended however…. (Not now! The blog’s just begun, lets not break the heat! Lets Zoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh)

So, as if you do not know this already, we are here to review one of Walt Disney’s yet another animated feature marking a romantic start for the year 2011, “Tangled”.

The movie starts with a witty narration (Oh! Saved gracefully from the Once upon a time thing beginning) by the character, Flynn Ryder, given life by the exotic voice of Zachary Levi.

Now, as usual, a grandeur (animated, of course) high palace is shown right in the centre of the city, but near the banks of a beautiful river. I don’t know how they can bring these two things, the city centre and the river, together always or how I fall for this every time but I can tell you one thing, I have never lost taste for this (even if you have).

The King and the Queen (dummies, intended to cry until the end of the movie, mostly with sorrow but for once in the end with happiness, but still crying), have a beautiful, golden-haired, baby-girl daughter (if she isn’t pretty she is not the princess). The daughter is born with a gift from the God’s own magic flower and hence the magic golden hair. (I wish I had a bunch but not worthy would be my guess)

Now, sorry for voicing my skepticism here but if God does magic, he is hailed as a great soul, but if a mortal woman does it, she is a wicked witch (Except for maybe Hermione Granger, of course, if you know who she is). But seriously, Why the partiality people? Think!

So, now that it’s out in the open, let’s move on…..

As expected, the evil old woman who knows the flower’s secret climbs atop the high palace (do not ask me how, you have got to show some belief here), steals the baby, becomes young and takes her across to the high tower, near a beautiful waterfall, conveniently surrounded by mountains so that this tower is never visible to others.

Now the King, deprived of her daughter, lights candles (Wow! What a great way of finding her) and lets it out in the sky every year on her birthday. The people of the kingdom, the loyal ones of course, consider the King’s word as the God’s word and light candles and float them away on their behalf.

Of course, these candles make the scene look wonderful; bring a longing feeling to the girl, Rapunzel, (voiced by Mandy Moore who does justice to her role for real this time) atop the high tower, every time she sees them from her high view point. Why can’t she be raised in a cellar underground? You never know.
Rapunzel wants to see the origin of these candles. That might of course ruin the old or not-so-old-now lady’s plans. So Rapunzel is grounded.

The story takes a sudden, not-so-sudden twist when the thieving hero, Flynn en-route his escape from the palatial HORSE (an interesting supporting character by the way, so interesting that they might nominate this role to the Oscars this year for the Best Performance in a Supporting Role category), seeks asylum in the tower in which the heroine lives, mother not there when this happens of course.

The heroine, believe me when I say this, has miles and miles of flowing golden hair, pertaining to the fact that the hair will lose its power when cut. The hero initially seeks to help her out in an aim to retrieve his stolen satchel which is now stolen and hidden by Rapunzel. The great thief who hasn’t fallen for all the weapons of the palatial guards’ falls for the heroine’s greatest weapon of all times, not the “charm” if you are expecting that word here, but a frying pan. Teeechchchchckaaa.

Rapunzel, with her ugly but cute, chameleon friend, sweeps all the way to palace with her hair, sweeps us off merrily with her songs and of course sweeps Flynn by his feet with love during her adventures or mis-adventures, aptly put, on her way to the palace.
Now wait a second! Why is she going with Flynn to the palace? To see the floating lights of course if you haven’t caught up to the wind already!

The scene in which Rapunzel and Flynn sit in a boat in the river by the palace and watch thousands of candles rise into the sky, love is in the air, its so romantic that you would want to kiss the gorgeous girl sitting next to you in the theater, without considering the after-effects (which will possibly include getting beaten by the whole theatre crowd making the romantic movie into an action flick, but, never mind, its all imagination, turns out my neighbor was a nerdy looking guy, my friend, saving me the trouble of getting beaten). But in spite of all this bull**** I am talking about above, the scene is well shot and it’s perfect. Bravo to the art direction and the animators for this one.

The happy ending ends with a hearty positive climax, the death of the cruel old lady (oh! Now she looks old) and several other anti-elements, except perhaps the hero, who as usual is lucky, he went for the satchel, now he has the whole kingdom, if he can excuse the walking bio-hazard, Rapunzel.

The only sad thing, or not-so-sad for some like me, is, in an attempt to defeat the old lady, Rapunzel’s hair is cut. And she looks cool, for once, with her boy-cut.

And Flynn and Rapunzel with a much shorter hair, lived ________ ever after….
(You can fill the blank up above with whatever you like).

After all that sarcastic talk, the movie was absolutely endearing and if you are a child at heart (like me :P), this movie is right for you. It’s great for kids provided that they are still kids at heart.
Enjoy another good movie and come home happy.


Our Little Master


My mind kept thinking. Something was running over and over, like a stuck tape in my mind.
A lot of questions rose, like a never ending tide. Here is my attempt to ask and answer.

Am we Indians sentimental?
Can we like a person without even meeting him or seeing him for real, once?
Can one person give meaning to our hopes?
Can one person’s victory be celebrated across a whole country?
Can one person inspire us to dream of impossibilities?

What if that person is simple, humble, with no big-hot-head but a little appearance and his one smile could make you laugh, his one victory can make you clap, his one look at the heavens can make you cry, his one raise of a hand make you feel better than yourself?

And finally what if I can answer all the above questions with one name.
That one name would be no other than, our own son of a gun, “SACHIN TENDULKAR”, our little master.

He is the person who raises in the fall and humbles in the raise.
A person who can just be around and make all others around him confident.

If any team has had one person like this for so long and still reaps fruit, it would be India.

Tenacity is his character, patience is his strength and we are his BOOST.
The secret of his everlasting energy.

One thin curve of a smile from his mouth, the whole crowd thunders.
He is a person who has amassed such a power to influence people’s hearts and minds and bind them together.

As someone rightly said, when we talk about Sachin, we talk in the Superlatives!
Crumbling record after record and moving forward towards greatness, he is no normal human being, he is a super-hero. I say this not just because I am inspired or awed by him but because any village boy with just a candle-light at home, with just a simple radio, listens to the cricket commentary at night and raise up and shout with Joy as this unknown person hits a century. If this one man can instill genuine inspiration from all of us and bring us together in this one thought, make us feel like one, he is a super-hero indeed.

If this poor boy can identify himself with Sachin’s victory and be proud of it as his own, then we can call ourselves sentimental. We just don’t simply like him, we love him.

Sachin, we salute you, not just because you are a great player but because you give identity, identity to each of us, your fans. All I can say are two too small words, that I hope reaches you and makes you happy, “Thank you”. From all of our hearts, “Thank you”.


The Oscar Decision 2011

Welcome to my episode on the Oscar Decision this year, 2011.

My mind is just overwhelmed with thoughts that I am having trouble speaking.
I just feel like Colin Firth now when he is giving The King’s Speech.

Colin Firth becomes confident by the end of the movie and so have I now, even though this isn’t the end of this blog but only an Inception.

But before we go any further I think I may have to make sure of one thing.
Am I really typing this blog or am I asleep? Am I in a dream? Or dream within a dream for that matter.
I don’t see some extractor like Leonardo, also not see his beautiful wife or the kids.
I just hope that The Kids are All Right.

I am not sure if they are but suddenly it seems to me now that I am all right.
But I may be delusional. Its the middle of the night and I am a little unsteady that I feel like I am dancing in a ballet, more gravitating towards becoming a Black Swan than being a white one.

But my mind has always been a Fighter and I know I can get out of my delusions and illusions and display my True Grit.

Because when I am considering my mind going wrong, it doesn’t pretty much seem like a Toy Story. It seems like I am toying with my life.

But I am feeling sane now mainly because I feel connected to the The Social Network and when I think how close we are, to the big night, the OSCAR’s nite, so close, that we may be even seem to have only 127 hours to it.
This Winter seems to be chilled me to the bone.

And I thought aloud… “WOOOW!”
I could form a stupid story out of some ten random phrases. I feel that I could give myself a little pat on my back even if you wouldn’t but never you mind that.
Lets get to some serious business.

I know you are as excited as I am when you are reading this blog as to which movie is going to be winning the Oscars this year. The clock is ticking and my heart rate is increasing.

Below is the formal list of nominees to the best picture this year.
Black Swan,
The Fighter,
The Kids Are All Right,
The King’s Speech,
127 Hours,
The Social Network,
Toy Story 3,
True Grit,
Winter’s Bone

Below are my votes for different Categories even though I may have to wait until Feb27th to validate these.

Christopher Nolan for Inception

Added Feb27:
Oh Nolan! Another year without Oscars. You will have to suck it up once again!

Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
Attaboy, we got this right, Didn’t we?

Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb for Inception
Added Feb27:
Right again, Cool!

Paul Hamblin, Martin Jensen and John Midgley for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Sadly Inception bet you to it! My highness.

Richard King for Inception
Added Feb27:
Oh we know Richard King is the real King 😛

My mind seems to be in a tie here. I shall list out both of them. Lets see who wins. (An Evil Grin)
Hans Zimmer for Inception (or) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network.
Added Feb27:
Our Tie seems to have worked. Trent, Atticus, Bravo!

Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
A Definite Nod from the Oscars

David Fincher for The Social Network
Added Feb27:
Oh David, BAFTA sees you better. If I had wanted anybody else to win in this category, then it would have been Tom, Excellent Choice!

Jenny Beavan for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
We are wrong once again, Alice in Wonderland here. People seem to like Helena with a big head rather than a small one.

Matthew Libatique for Black Swan
Added Feb27:
Oh, Inception again. Seems the Cameraman needn’t learn ballet to win Oscar here!

Eve Stewart (Production Design); Judy Farr (Set Decoration) for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Alice in Wonderland again, or should i say Eve and Judy in wonderland.

How to Train Your Dragon
Added Feb27:
Toy Story 3, a movie which was nominated to the best picture, heaven knows why, won here.

Melissa Leo for The Fighter
Added Feb27: I knew it Melissa, you are one tough *****.

Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Added Feb27:
We saw this coming didn’t we? A child in real life and a child in Cinema life, Double congratulations, Natalie!

Geoffrey Rush for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
Oh Christian Bale just beat you to it man.

Colin Firth for The King’s Speech
Added Feb27:
OK, The king is a king is a king.

I am in a tie here again.
The King’s Speech or The Social Network.
Added Feb27:
Long live the King!

The above list only states my opinion not necessarily yours or the Academy’s.
(Added Feb27:
Now it also validates with the academy’s)
The above statement is a disclaimer and is bound to make me look silly but I had to add it nevertheless.

Anyway this year, all the nominees seem great to me and I would be absolutely pleased with anyone winning and anyone winning from the above list would be my price for watching all of these. 😛

Now, all after this is said, the one thing you can do is vote. So, Vote away.

Even after this exercise of voting for our favorites we have got no choice but to wait.
So lets do just that.


My Favorite Quotes – 1 – Jack Nicholson – The Departed

It gives me immense pleasure to start this never-ending series 😛 of my personal favorite quotes in the movies.

This blog, the first of its kind, is solely dedicated to my own personal favorite quote of all times and I am elated to begin this blog with a block-buster.

This quote, a simple single statement shows audacity, courage, confidence and self-esteem.

And to top it all, this statement is voiced by none other than the great “Jack Nicholson” and this statement marks the beginning of a great movie “The Departed”.

“I don’t wanna be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

Hearing Jack utter this statement is just enough to boost back my confidence and drive me back to being certain and self-assured. Bravo!

I sincerely hope that you engross and appreciate the full meaning of the statement.
Watch the movie and hear this statement put forth to you in a humble but powerful way and you will have a similar feeling inside of you!


A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 8 – Winter’s Bone


Today we are gonna let our minds journey to the world of Ozark mountains, through the life of an young girl, trying to break free of her clutches and go on a dangerous quest.

Yes, we will be looking at Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone”.

The one thing about the movie, that hits you square in the face is the authenticity.
I am not sure if the movie was actually shot in the Ozark mountains but it feels very real and terrifying.

The movie begins with the poor 17 year old girl, Ree, supporting a crumpling family.
An ailing mother, a younger brother and a little sister.
Her life becomes worse when she learns that her father had put their house as collateral for his bail and if he doesn’t stand his trial, which is in a week by the way, she loses her house.

Threatened by the local sheriff and afraid that her family could be out in the streets in seven days, she sets out on a determined quest to find her father, a known felon, drug-maker.

Teardrop, her father’s brother advises her to abandon the quest, in his own way. (Doesn’t look pretty)
But Ree is not a person who relents. If she did, they wouldn’t have made a movie about it. 😛

The lengths that Ree goes to find her father is petrifying.

But as the movie goes on, the people whom you hate the most in the first half metamorphose into the ones you respect. They are the ones who are going to have an effect on you after the movie’s credits close.

I wouldn’t say that the movie had this “profound” effect on me but I would say that I held pity for Ree and respect for Teardrop and happy that the movie-people these days recognize sheer audacity and essential purity.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Ree the 17 year old.
Jennifer is subtle, never over-reacting but always at her best throughout the film.
And her Oscar nomination comes as no surprise.

John Hawkes pulls off a convincing performance as Teardrop and is nominated for the biggie as well.

In my personal opinion this movie might not get academy’s attention this year quite frankly because you don’t get to feel the characters even though we have some admirable performances here.
Its a close call this year and I would consider it luck if the movie even grabs a single one.
John Hawkes is the only person who even has a go at it and is highly overpowered by Christian Bale (The Fighter) and Geoffrey Rush(The King’s Speech).

But anybody who loves movies that leave through the lives of real people with real difficulties would definitely hold this movie dear.

Good Effort Debra. Keep up the good work.


A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 7 – 127 Hours


127 Hours in about 127 Minutes.
Well, what can I say, Danny Boyle is getting better and better every year.

People who saw the movie earlier told me, “This man, the so-called hero, Aron Ralston, goes to the Canyon and isolates himself from everybody and has a rock crush his hand in the middle of nowhere and is stuck for life and that’s about it”.

Even though it appears that there is a lot of “and”-s in the above statement, the story (if you can even call it one) appeared too thin for me.
How could one write a screenplay for this movie that is produced for the big screen and retain the audience in their seats for almost two hours?
And later did I hear that not one but two people wrote the screenplay together and the movie is a success. 😛

Quite frankly I sat the whole two hours admiring something or the other about what I was watching rather than dropping into a void, devoid of anything, even though that was what the whole movie was about.

The movie is about a man realizing what he is, realizing more than what he is.
Its about the way our minds function when we are desperately craving for something.
Its about the courage that we get when we are thrown into an ocean of difficulties.
Its also about love that drives us from our hearts even though there are moments in which we cannot feel its touch.
Its about the gravest fear that a person could possibly have, not about losing his life, no, but about losing his loved ones forever and ever.

When this fear becomes as a sort of an acceptance, our hearts, lets just say that nobody can stop them from doing what they do. (Pumping blood?? 😛 Should have used the word, our minds? Never mind!)

All these self-inspiring statements! Did I feel all these during the movie? The answer would be “Yes” if I could attach myself to James Franco and “No” if i couldn’t and my compass seems to stagger in the middle without knowing which way to go. James Franco, my heart has become like you, “Stuck”!

James is a dedicated actor, capable of going lengths to perfect his character, but one thing would be…
I wish he could linger a little longer in our minds but sadly he doesn’t.
I, for one, considered him great during the movie and forgot him immediately afterward.

After watching this movie, I think I can safely say that he had a screen presence, which is another way of saying that he is the only one you get to see in the screen most of the time in the movie, except for maybe the couple of cute girls who vanish in a poof.

Its all his hard-work toward this role that has gotten him the Oscar nomination, that’s the important thing.
“James! I am not your great fan but I do have immense respect for you, Congratulations, even though Colin (My King) appears to suck your glory up this year, What can I say, Tough Competition, my friend, Ear to Ear!”

An affectionate pat on the back for Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy for the screenplay.
You really brought in Aron Ralston’s life and his feelings in front of us.

A kudos to AR Rahman. The music is light and goes along the lines of the movie. Nothing special but very good nonetheless.

I would gladly recommend this movie for you if you are one of the fans of movies of physical and mental struggle and survival, not in a “Jurassic Park”-ish way but in a “Cliff-Hanger” ish sort of a way.
But this movie relies mostly on emotion than action which is its upper side.

I wouldn’t consider this my personal favorite. But I can appreciate the good intentions and effort towards making this good motion picture.
Good Luck with the awards!


A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 6 – The Kids Are All Right


Today let us evaluate Focus Features’ one more different venture, a FOCUS in a different angle in looking at the lives of American people.

The Kids Are All Right.

This motion picture is very appropriately named.
The kids in the movie are fine, the parents are the ones that aren’t.

Annette Benning and Julianne Moore are together for their lives.
Their children, Josh and Mia are conceived by Artificial Insemination and they live with their “Moms”.
The movie pans through the lives of these people and the movie takes a sudden turn when the kids try to find their biological father, Mark Ruffalo.

I am still not sure why this movie is categorized as a Comedy when all we see is serious stuff.
There wasn’t a single moment when I could laugh out heartily.
And there wasn’t much dark comedy either.

Josh finds Mark to be supportive and encouraging, even though he is not much into him the first time they meet him.

Mia immediately gets along with Mark but finds hatred towards him at a later stage.

Julianne Moore is attracted by Mark and during the course of the movie, succumbs to his charms.
Annette is the only one immune to Mark and her story is a constant struggle to peel Mark off her family when he is becoming closer and closer, her whole family moving farther and farther from her.

Mark, a jolly, not very responsible, person feels that he has found a family at last and tries to strengthen the relationship.

The cast is great. Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo playing irresponsible is a very different track for them and both of them have done well, very well indeed.
Josh and Mia are rising stars and they both do their parts well, Josh better looking and performing than Mia.

But all our hearts would definitely go to Annette Benning.
She is so subtle and so perfect that makes us feel close to her.
She is one of the actresses that have the great capability to replicate her feelings inside of the viewer.

Bravo Annette, if it weren’t for Melissa Leo in “The Fighter” I would say the Oscar is yours.
But we see a tough competition between these two here.

Even though the movie is got a great cast, I wouldn’t say the movie is great.
Mark Ruffalo hangs by a thread in the end.
Julianne Moore is not convincing that she is back for real.
Only Annette and Josh prevent the movie from an otherwise bad ending.

“The Kids are All Right” is a good one-time watch but nothing more.
No regrets but no high regards either.
On a final note what One could understand would be, “However crazy it can be, Family is family.”


A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 5 – The Fighter

This week its time for us to look at the early life of an ordinary person who is capable to doing extra-ordinary things.
When such a portion of a life of a person, his transformation into greatness, is made into a movie for everyone to see, it feels great.

The movie that we are talking about, the movie that has gotten 7 Oscar nominations in this year, 2011, David O. Russell’s “The Fighter”.

The Fighter

The Fighter is a not a film which portrays the life of a hero. It’s about becoming one.
Mark Wahlberg is this ordinary person, Micky Ward. A guy who paves roads, in the suburbs of Lowell, Massachusetts and works out in a gym in a dream to becoming a big time boxing champion like his brother.

But sadly, Micky doesn’t have a doting family but a DOPING one. His brother, Dicky, is a former boxing champion but currently an umemployed person, doper, who tries to live off by getting Micky some petty fights.
The film even starts with HBO running a feature on “Dicky Eklund” portraying him as a bad example of what happens to a person who runs on dope.
This role, as horrendous as it might sound, is played beautifully and meticulously by Christian Bale and is rightly nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category by the Academy.

Amy Adams plays the role of Charlene, Micky’s girlfriend. I can assure that this is not her usual child-like innocent roles. This is different and she is different. The Academy has nodded toward her yet again.

Micky’s mother, Alice is a show-runner and a chain smoker. She, in her hard-mannered self, is the manager for Micky and she decides which match is he gonna be participating in and which he won’t.
She adores Dicky and always supports him. She is a woman that her husband dare cross and she is the mother of so many children with Micky and Dicky as the only boys.
This contemptuous role is played by Melissa Leo and her portrayal makes me want to say, “Melissa! Where were you all this time? ”
She is a natural actor and has proved once again that she can virtually take up any role and bring the character out gracefully.

There is a very good chance that Christian and Melissa might take home the Oscar this year.

The Fighter is not a movie of the growth of a person.
It’s a movie about self realization. It’s about a person’s priorities, importance to one’s family while satisfying his own desires.
It’s about his family realizing how important that person is to them.
It’s about the people who love that man in spite of their own differences and stand by him in his success and unify in their pure love towards that one person who represent all the good that they have in them.
It’s about you overcome your own desires and place your heart and soul in one person and bring him up to bring yourself up.
It’s about being a ladder rather than a climber and the hand that supports the climber.
Finally its about that person as well in balancing everything around him, trying not to disappoint anybody who has placed faith in him.

The Fighter is about coming together and being together as one.
This movie wouldn’t motivate or impress you in any way.
But, if you are a person who likes a good story, told as it actually is, plainly, without exaggeration, then this movie is definitely for you.

Go see it. You will feel SATISFIED.


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