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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 7 – 127 Hours


127 Hours in about 127 Minutes.
Well, what can I say, Danny Boyle is getting better and better every year.

People who saw the movie earlier told me, “This man, the so-called hero, Aron Ralston, goes to the Canyon and isolates himself from everybody and has a rock crush his hand in the middle of nowhere and is stuck for life and that’s about it”.

Even though it appears that there is a lot of “and”-s in the above statement, the story (if you can even call it one) appeared too thin for me.
How could one write a screenplay for this movie that is produced for the big screen and retain the audience in their seats for almost two hours?
And later did I hear that not one but two people wrote the screenplay together and the movie is a success. 😛

Quite frankly I sat the whole two hours admiring something or the other about what I was watching rather than dropping into a void, devoid of anything, even though that was what the whole movie was about.

The movie is about a man realizing what he is, realizing more than what he is.
Its about the way our minds function when we are desperately craving for something.
Its about the courage that we get when we are thrown into an ocean of difficulties.
Its also about love that drives us from our hearts even though there are moments in which we cannot feel its touch.
Its about the gravest fear that a person could possibly have, not about losing his life, no, but about losing his loved ones forever and ever.

When this fear becomes as a sort of an acceptance, our hearts, lets just say that nobody can stop them from doing what they do. (Pumping blood?? 😛 Should have used the word, our minds? Never mind!)

All these self-inspiring statements! Did I feel all these during the movie? The answer would be “Yes” if I could attach myself to James Franco and “No” if i couldn’t and my compass seems to stagger in the middle without knowing which way to go. James Franco, my heart has become like you, “Stuck”!

James is a dedicated actor, capable of going lengths to perfect his character, but one thing would be…
I wish he could linger a little longer in our minds but sadly he doesn’t.
I, for one, considered him great during the movie and forgot him immediately afterward.

After watching this movie, I think I can safely say that he had a screen presence, which is another way of saying that he is the only one you get to see in the screen most of the time in the movie, except for maybe the couple of cute girls who vanish in a poof.

Its all his hard-work toward this role that has gotten him the Oscar nomination, that’s the important thing.
“James! I am not your great fan but I do have immense respect for you, Congratulations, even though Colin (My King) appears to suck your glory up this year, What can I say, Tough Competition, my friend, Ear to Ear!”

An affectionate pat on the back for Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy for the screenplay.
You really brought in Aron Ralston’s life and his feelings in front of us.

A kudos to AR Rahman. The music is light and goes along the lines of the movie. Nothing special but very good nonetheless.

I would gladly recommend this movie for you if you are one of the fans of movies of physical and mental struggle and survival, not in a “Jurassic Park”-ish way but in a “Cliff-Hanger” ish sort of a way.
But this movie relies mostly on emotion than action which is its upper side.

I wouldn’t consider this my personal favorite. But I can appreciate the good intentions and effort towards making this good motion picture.
Good Luck with the awards!