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Fair Game – or Should I be calling it a Great Game?


One more movie review today! God, I must be a movie maniac. Most of my blogs seem to revolve around movies. My head is like the Inception’s never toppling Top in a dream now, constant, in thinking and writing about movies, no offense Nolan.

A late disclaimer if I may, if you are reading this review, which is about the movie, Fair Game, without watching Inception(which is a wonderful movie by the way) and not knowing Nolan (who conceived Inception), well, you can go hang yourself.
But do read this through before you do so as you might be the occasional, accidental reader who has stumbled across this piece of so-called writing, unfortunately. If you still seem to go on, I would assume you really are crazy or I would want to admire your courage or patience whichever takes precedence.

Continuing on to some useful content, to fulfill the purpose of this blog to say the least, Fair Game.

Naomi Watts is the chic lady (who by her look proves that she is some sort of a covert operative, even before you had guessed she was CIA) is shown to travel across the world, intimidate the intimidating and get her covert work done (which by the way is so non-covert to the movie watcher but you get the general idea).

Sean Penn is the husband who plays a retired but very eloquent ambassador who seem to have 5 year old kids. (Oh Sean! Is your character trying to prove you wasted your young life achieving something that it took you so long to have kids. I haven’t the faintest idea).

Forgetting all this surrounding aspects nagging as they may, as the movie progresses, Naomi no doubt gets promoted and when the time came, Naomi has to choose someone to goto Niger to gather intelligence about Iraq buying nuclear weapons. This is where the eloquent husband Sean comes into play, as he is the formal ambassador with Connections in Niger, the man for the job.
But to Sean’s surprise Niger doesn’t offer him anything near to interesting and he comes home with nothing. Naomi goes back with this analysis to her office and is politely ignored while the president – Bush is shown telling the media that Iraq is preparing for a some sort of a nuclear war.

Mollified and unable to sit tight, Sean writes a sensitive (on the government side of course) newspaper article about the non-existence of a nuclear deal between Niger and Iraq. Heatened, Naomi is chucked out of the CIA and whats worse, her identity, which she had safe-guarded for so long, that she is an Agent, is revealed.

Naomi is dis-heartened while Sean conducts a kind of an anti-government rally against the white house.
The movie has some pretty sensational scenes of Sean doing interviews and making speeches and emotionally getting involved with his role with a great charisma.

The whole second half of the movie talks about how Naomi transforms from a skeptical person, worrying about her family, to a bring-it-on person. Naomi has done well, the transformation is real and doesn’t seem abrupt or overmade. At one point, you would find your mind thinking, Naomi, Come on, go for it. Then and only then does Naomi move.

And when she comes back with full force and joins Sean, the heat is ON.
My and many others favorite dialogue in the movie would and should be, the one that Naomi says to Sean,
“I don’t care what they say about me, about us, but, they do not get to take my marriage”.
Naomi’s delivery is simple and adequate and the movie becomes memorable just because of the way in which the movie ends, the way in which Naomi fades and the real person, Valerie Plame, comes into the shot.
Oh! Sorry if you are not aware, this is a real time story made into an awesome movie.

IMDB gave the movie a 7, I would give it more. Not ten, no but definitely deserving much more than a 7.
Fair Game is a Fair movie. Add it to your list of good movies. Enjoy!