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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 4 – Inception


A warm welcome to read and review a fantastic movie of all times, Christopher Nolan’s own, Inception.

There were several adjectives that were popping-up in my mind while and after watching this movie and the one word that I found to be perfect to fit this movie’s description was “Spec-ta-cular!”

For a start, consider the name of the movie.
The name in itself, means several things to me.

Although, in its original sense, it is the beginning of a new fully formed idea in one’s mind.
But it seems to me that it means the beginning of an ERA of a new genre in movies, “Nolan”, as I would call it, as this movie can be classified under twister, thriller, action-buster, Mystery, Sci-Fi and several others.

This movie also marks the beginning for a great career for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Tom Hardy.

This movie is and will be a fore-runner for several other movies to come.

This movie is a very welcoming change after we were awed by the 3D effects of the Avatar last year. This movie, being in 2D, gives us an equivalent or even higher surge than Avatar.

Leonardo Dicaprio is a natural conman. No wonder, Christopher Nolan chose him to play Cobb.
A man who can not only steal ideas from others’ minds, but can also plant one when needed.

He plays a dark character who is defined by his own guilt and trying hard to free himself.
He assembles a team and leads them into an abyss of his own mind to do so.
One might consider him selfish, but not so selfish after all when one learns his past.
Good Acting my man, but not Oscar-worthy!!

I thought, Marion Cotillard looked like an angel in dreams. Later during the course of the movie I discovered that she is not real, she is indeed a part of Leonardo’s dream. Can’t blame him, poor fella!!

Joseph has done justice to his role as Arthur, the hitman. He is precise and amazes us with his great effort in intense fighting sequences.

Tom Hardy! Just one question in my mind, “Where were you all this time?”
This witty but serious British actor has gotten critical acclaim in this movie and its deserving.

Ellen Page is wonderful as usual, as she plays the whiz-kid, Ariadne.

Cillian Murphy has underplayed a tough role with plenty of ease.

Inception - Full Star Cast

And the best thing about the movie, the one that you would never forget, would be the spinning top.
Leaves you blind, that snotty little ******* 😛

Great Direction.
Great original screenplay written directly for the big screen.
Makes you think, “Man’s Mind can move in mysterious ways”.
Makes you ask, “Oh Nolan!, How does your mind form a complex idea on ideas or Did someone plant this idea in your mind?” LOL!!

Christopher Nolan

The movie’s tagline read, “Your mind is the scene of the crime”.
But I wanted to say, “Your mind is your ultimate foe”, considering Cobb’s version of his wife, Mal, who is the reason for all the tantrum in this film. No fun without though!!

And now, its time for me to make some personal acknowledgments.

I would bow low and salute to three extra-ordinary people without whom the movie wouldn’t have accomplished so much.

Hans Zimmer – The whole movie hall reverberated with his wonderful original score. Gives me the goose-bumps.

Wally Pfister – The cinematographer who has made Christopher Nolan’s dream into an enchanting reality

Lee Smith – The editor who has edited this movie into perfection.

You have done a great job guys!!!

I am happy that the movie has received 8 Oscar Nominations this year.
But I am really unhappy as Lee Smith is left out of the race.
The worthy competitors in this category for Lee would be Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter (The Social Network) and Andrew Weisblum (Black Swan).
I am not even sure as to why people such as Pamela Martin (The Fighter) has gotten nominated in the Best Film Editing Category, “No offense Pamela!”.

I would be very happy if this movie is presented with an academy award for the Best Screenplay, Background Score and Cinematography, even though, the competition is tough.

Good Luck and Oscar or not, Inception Rocks!!! (without dispute).