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“Let Me In” completely lets you in


Its quite a night and its quite a movie.

I am not a fan of horror movies but the movie that we are gonna review today is a perfect blend between Horror and Drama, a Hor-ama.

An Anonymous director, Matt Reeves, at least from my perspective, no big cast except perhaps the always ideal Richard Jenkins, the growing bright (and old) Elias Koteas (You may remember him as Mr.Gateau in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but if you don’t never mind. If you haven’t seen TCCBB then never bother at all) and the two kids, Kodi and Chloe has turned a good novel into a beautiful no-word-to-suitably-describe-it movie

“Let Me In”

Kodi is a school boy with his own troubles at school. They are quite violent and sick for a school boy to face but that’s the way it is.

Chloe is the all-new-neighborhood girl, a weird one, who walks without her shoes on Ice.
If we do not guess, she is later revealed to be a blood-drinking menacing Vampire who has lived as a 12-year-old and still as one for a very long time.

She moves into Kodi’s neighbourhood with her so-called dad.
The movie moves to show that her dad is not exactly who he is said to be and since she feeds blood for a living, he goes hunting every night to obtain the same. Human-hunting of course. (Told you that this movie has some horror to it)

The dad, Richard Jenkins, is shown as a old person, clumsy and tired to do his job. Why is he doing this to her if she is not his daughter, lets reveal the secret later.

Kodi secretly develops a friendship with her and she becomes a kind of girl friend to him.
When his school problem gets well above him, she gives him strength and asks him to fight it. This results in Kodi hitting his fellow classmate with a fishing stick to tear his ear. This results in his expulsion but he luckily escapes.

The friendship goes steady even when Chloe’s guardian advises her against it and tells her to leave the boy alone. She is forced to reveal herself to him one day when he is trying to make a pact with her with his own blood. (Kids stuff)

He gets afraid initially but later admits reality and becomes her friend again.

Things start to go wrong in the second half when the old man tries to kill a person and gets into an automobile accident. In order to hide his identity he pours acid all over his face and hands and is admitted into the hospital.

When Chloe (Abby) goes to meet him at the hospital, she realizes that he could no longer help her and he is dying. Richard, the guardian, apologizes and sacrifices himself by giving her his last blood.

Disheartened by this sudden loss, Chloe decides to leave town, away from Kodi.

Now that She is gone, Kodi starts to feel lonely again. Back in his school, the kid whose ear he pierced comes back with his gang to threaten Kodi and drown him in the school’s swimming pool.

Kodi is under water fighting for breath when special effects are shown above water implying that Abby/Chloe has come for his rescue and she kills all the other three kids. (Pool water turns red, no battered bodies are shown)

Now, Kodi has become her friend, guardian and lover and we come to understand that History is going to repeat itself and the old man, Richard was not her dad but her past lover and secret guardian and his undying love is the reason he had killed for her.

The movie ends with Kodi taking Chloe with him in a train and the sun sets.

The way in which the above plain story is told is what we should be looking at here.
When all this is said, if you go to the theater expecting a twilight-ish sort of a movie you will definitely be disappointed but if you like dramas, then this is your butter.
Go see this and admiration guaranteed.

Way to go All…