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Am I gonna sing? Why do I think of this question?


Weeks and weeks it has been and I can assure you I am not gonna sing. So welcome to read-on (Possibly not but now that you are here, go-ahead anyway).

We are here to re-view the all-time the same, casual comedy, another New York life story of this year following movies like The Devil wears Prada, 27 Dresses and The Proposal, the all too new but nothing new – “Morning Glory”.

The movie has nothing new except perhaps the beautiful gorgeous, no suitable word to describe, Rachel McAdams.

You have got to give it to the Paramount. As the name suggests, its a paramount stellar starcast.
You would simply not get enough of them.

Harrison Ford, cynical grandpa, once again, comes back with a boom.
He is what one would call gritty and groovy. Simply makes you like him in any role he plays.
The one thing that he has not achieved as yet would be the nod from the Academy but when his fame and pay is in the superlative I am not sure if he would worry. But if he does, its his problem and not ours.
So lets try not to donate tissues and move on.

Diane Keaton, another grumbling old in the movie, who moves through the movie with Sarcasm and moves the movie with her charm. Kudos!

Jeff Goldblum, good comeback! He looks decent and plays neat.

I couldn’t help but wonder but quite recently all the directors seem to be adding a male glamor element in their movies, in this movie, the handsome, Patrick Wilson. His role in the heroine-centric movie is not as a hero but to add this and that to the movie. He is cast as the person whom the heroine needs to sleep with every now and then. As I say earlier, glamor quotient.

Best thing about the movie, the setup in New York, like many-o-many movies before but never failing to attract.

But the real question is, What have they tried to achieve with all this perfection?

I hate to this this but the best answer to the above question would be, “Not Enough” to make you think about the movie, after the movie. Shame.

This movie talks about a self-confident (but not good enough in expressing it) person, Rachel Mcadams of course, who when thrown out of her job gets to even a better one and tries to perfect it, in fact barely trying to retain it.

She is an executive producer in a television channel and the movie begins with she being thrown out of her job from her New Jersey’s TV Channel. How else would you drive a woman with a drive to New York?

So life is kinda worse for her, so worse that she gets a better job in New York, only to find out that she has to manage with the miserable female host of the show, Diane Keaton.

And if she wasn’t enough, Rachel is thrown into a situation to hire a newsman, Harrison Ford, to not to do news but to be a co-host to the grumbly Diane. Well, Ford proves to be more tough and Rachel is clueless to make the show a success. As if there wasn’t enough misery in Rachel’s life already, Jeff Goldblum is on her tail and he is relentless.

When finally the show itself is gonna be cancelled in a month’s time, Rachel gets her wind back to make the show a hit in USA and how she does it makes rest of the screen time.

If its any consolation the movie doesn’t over do things and also talks about personal ethics that is “One Family’s must mean more than work”. But when all is said and done, the viewer might feel something for his/her family but definitely nothing for the movie, for all that they have tried.

I would love to write more but thats all there is to it.

If you are looking for a casual getaway on a boring saturday afternoon, this might be your catch. Its not boring even if its usual at times and the actors kinda makeup for the otherwise bad ending for the director and the screenplay. Better play better next time folks! People are not going to be numb/dumb forever you know.

So, Show’s over people. Go read something useful. But if you are looking for some junk to wile your useful time away, then you always know where to look. HERE.