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I was indeed, Tangled!

It’s movie time.

Another Rapunzel movie, Whew! I thought to myself, “Would these guys give her a break for once, seriously?” With the beginning of the Shrek series there have been many, so many, Rapunzel (or Fiona or whatever she is called) type movies almost every year.
Whooff!, I considered myself mad for loving animation and going to see this movie and I thought to myself, as long as mad people like me are around, these old-story-remake losers are always gonna make money.
When the movie ended however…. (Not now! The blog’s just begun, lets not break the heat! Lets Zoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh)

So, as if you do not know this already, we are here to review one of Walt Disney’s yet another animated feature marking a romantic start for the year 2011, “Tangled”.

The movie starts with a witty narration (Oh! Saved gracefully from the Once upon a time thing beginning) by the character, Flynn Ryder, given life by the exotic voice of Zachary Levi.

Now, as usual, a grandeur (animated, of course) high palace is shown right in the centre of the city, but near the banks of a beautiful river. I don’t know how they can bring these two things, the city centre and the river, together always or how I fall for this every time but I can tell you one thing, I have never lost taste for this (even if you have).

The King and the Queen (dummies, intended to cry until the end of the movie, mostly with sorrow but for once in the end with happiness, but still crying), have a beautiful, golden-haired, baby-girl daughter (if she isn’t pretty she is not the princess). The daughter is born with a gift from the God’s own magic flower and hence the magic golden hair. (I wish I had a bunch but not worthy would be my guess)

Now, sorry for voicing my skepticism here but if God does magic, he is hailed as a great soul, but if a mortal woman does it, she is a wicked witch (Except for maybe Hermione Granger, of course, if you know who she is). But seriously, Why the partiality people? Think!

So, now that it’s out in the open, let’s move on…..

As expected, the evil old woman who knows the flower’s secret climbs atop the high palace (do not ask me how, you have got to show some belief here), steals the baby, becomes young and takes her across to the high tower, near a beautiful waterfall, conveniently surrounded by mountains so that this tower is never visible to others.

Now the King, deprived of her daughter, lights candles (Wow! What a great way of finding her) and lets it out in the sky every year on her birthday. The people of the kingdom, the loyal ones of course, consider the King’s word as the God’s word and light candles and float them away on their behalf.

Of course, these candles make the scene look wonderful; bring a longing feeling to the girl, Rapunzel, (voiced by Mandy Moore who does justice to her role for real this time) atop the high tower, every time she sees them from her high view point. Why can’t she be raised in a cellar underground? You never know.
Rapunzel wants to see the origin of these candles. That might of course ruin the old or not-so-old-now lady’s plans. So Rapunzel is grounded.

The story takes a sudden, not-so-sudden twist when the thieving hero, Flynn en-route his escape from the palatial HORSE (an interesting supporting character by the way, so interesting that they might nominate this role to the Oscars this year for the Best Performance in a Supporting Role category), seeks asylum in the tower in which the heroine lives, mother not there when this happens of course.

The heroine, believe me when I say this, has miles and miles of flowing golden hair, pertaining to the fact that the hair will lose its power when cut. The hero initially seeks to help her out in an aim to retrieve his stolen satchel which is now stolen and hidden by Rapunzel. The great thief who hasn’t fallen for all the weapons of the palatial guards’ falls for the heroine’s greatest weapon of all times, not the “charm” if you are expecting that word here, but a frying pan. Teeechchchchckaaa.

Rapunzel, with her ugly but cute, chameleon friend, sweeps all the way to palace with her hair, sweeps us off merrily with her songs and of course sweeps Flynn by his feet with love during her adventures or mis-adventures, aptly put, on her way to the palace.
Now wait a second! Why is she going with Flynn to the palace? To see the floating lights of course if you haven’t caught up to the wind already!

The scene in which Rapunzel and Flynn sit in a boat in the river by the palace and watch thousands of candles rise into the sky, love is in the air, its so romantic that you would want to kiss the gorgeous girl sitting next to you in the theater, without considering the after-effects (which will possibly include getting beaten by the whole theatre crowd making the romantic movie into an action flick, but, never mind, its all imagination, turns out my neighbor was a nerdy looking guy, my friend, saving me the trouble of getting beaten). But in spite of all this bull**** I am talking about above, the scene is well shot and it’s perfect. Bravo to the art direction and the animators for this one.

The happy ending ends with a hearty positive climax, the death of the cruel old lady (oh! Now she looks old) and several other anti-elements, except perhaps the hero, who as usual is lucky, he went for the satchel, now he has the whole kingdom, if he can excuse the walking bio-hazard, Rapunzel.

The only sad thing, or not-so-sad for some like me, is, in an attempt to defeat the old lady, Rapunzel’s hair is cut. And she looks cool, for once, with her boy-cut.

And Flynn and Rapunzel with a much shorter hair, lived ________ ever after….
(You can fill the blank up above with whatever you like).

After all that sarcastic talk, the movie was absolutely endearing and if you are a child at heart (like me :P), this movie is right for you. It’s great for kids provided that they are still kids at heart.
Enjoy another good movie and come home happy.