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Our Little Master


My mind kept thinking. Something was running over and over, like a stuck tape in my mind.
A lot of questions rose, like a never ending tide. Here is my attempt to ask and answer.

Am we Indians sentimental?
Can we like a person without even meeting him or seeing him for real, once?
Can one person give meaning to our hopes?
Can one person’s victory be celebrated across a whole country?
Can one person inspire us to dream of impossibilities?

What if that person is simple, humble, with no big-hot-head but a little appearance and his one smile could make you laugh, his one victory can make you clap, his one look at the heavens can make you cry, his one raise of a hand make you feel better than yourself?

And finally what if I can answer all the above questions with one name.
That one name would be no other than, our own son of a gun, “SACHIN TENDULKAR”, our little master.

He is the person who raises in the fall and humbles in the raise.
A person who can just be around and make all others around him confident.

If any team has had one person like this for so long and still reaps fruit, it would be India.

Tenacity is his character, patience is his strength and we are his BOOST.
The secret of his everlasting energy.

One thin curve of a smile from his mouth, the whole crowd thunders.
He is a person who has amassed such a power to influence people’s hearts and minds and bind them together.

As someone rightly said, when we talk about Sachin, we talk in the Superlatives!
Crumbling record after record and moving forward towards greatness, he is no normal human being, he is a super-hero. I say this not just because I am inspired or awed by him but because any village boy with just a candle-light at home, with just a simple radio, listens to the cricket commentary at night and raise up and shout with Joy as this unknown person hits a century. If this one man can instill genuine inspiration from all of us and bring us together in this one thought, make us feel like one, he is a super-hero indeed.

If this poor boy can identify himself with Sachin’s victory and be proud of it as his own, then we can call ourselves sentimental. We just don’t simply like him, we love him.

Sachin, we salute you, not just because you are a great player but because you give identity, identity to each of us, your fans. All I can say are two too small words, that I hope reaches you and makes you happy, “Thank you”. From all of our hearts, “Thank you”.