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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 5 – The Fighter

This week its time for us to look at the early life of an ordinary person who is capable to doing extra-ordinary things.
When such a portion of a life of a person, his transformation into greatness, is made into a movie for everyone to see, it feels great.

The movie that we are talking about, the movie that has gotten 7 Oscar nominations in this year, 2011, David O. Russell’s “The Fighter”.

The Fighter

The Fighter is a not a film which portrays the life of a hero. It’s about becoming one.
Mark Wahlberg is this ordinary person, Micky Ward. A guy who paves roads, in the suburbs of Lowell, Massachusetts and works out in a gym in a dream to becoming a big time boxing champion like his brother.

But sadly, Micky doesn’t have a doting family but a DOPING one. His brother, Dicky, is a former boxing champion but currently an umemployed person, doper, who tries to live off by getting Micky some petty fights.
The film even starts with HBO running a feature on “Dicky Eklund” portraying him as a bad example of what happens to a person who runs on dope.
This role, as horrendous as it might sound, is played beautifully and meticulously by Christian Bale and is rightly nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category by the Academy.

Amy Adams plays the role of Charlene, Micky’s girlfriend. I can assure that this is not her usual child-like innocent roles. This is different and she is different. The Academy has nodded toward her yet again.

Micky’s mother, Alice is a show-runner and a chain smoker. She, in her hard-mannered self, is the manager for Micky and she decides which match is he gonna be participating in and which he won’t.
She adores Dicky and always supports him. She is a woman that her husband dare cross and she is the mother of so many children with Micky and Dicky as the only boys.
This contemptuous role is played by Melissa Leo and her portrayal makes me want to say, “Melissa! Where were you all this time? ”
She is a natural actor and has proved once again that she can virtually take up any role and bring the character out gracefully.

There is a very good chance that Christian and Melissa might take home the Oscar this year.

The Fighter is not a movie of the growth of a person.
It’s a movie about self realization. It’s about a person’s priorities, importance to one’s family while satisfying his own desires.
It’s about his family realizing how important that person is to them.
It’s about the people who love that man in spite of their own differences and stand by him in his success and unify in their pure love towards that one person who represent all the good that they have in them.
It’s about you overcome your own desires and place your heart and soul in one person and bring him up to bring yourself up.
It’s about being a ladder rather than a climber and the hand that supports the climber.
Finally its about that person as well in balancing everything around him, trying not to disappoint anybody who has placed faith in him.

The Fighter is about coming together and being together as one.
This movie wouldn’t motivate or impress you in any way.
But, if you are a person who likes a good story, told as it actually is, plainly, without exaggeration, then this movie is definitely for you.

Go see it. You will feel SATISFIED.