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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 6 – The Kids Are All Right


Today let us evaluate Focus Features’ one more different venture, a FOCUS in a different angle in looking at the lives of American people.

The Kids Are All Right.

This motion picture is very appropriately named.
The kids in the movie are fine, the parents are the ones that aren’t.

Annette Benning and Julianne Moore are together for their lives.
Their children, Josh and Mia are conceived by Artificial Insemination and they live with their “Moms”.
The movie pans through the lives of these people and the movie takes a sudden turn when the kids try to find their biological father, Mark Ruffalo.

I am still not sure why this movie is categorized as a Comedy when all we see is serious stuff.
There wasn’t a single moment when I could laugh out heartily.
And there wasn’t much dark comedy either.

Josh finds Mark to be supportive and encouraging, even though he is not much into him the first time they meet him.

Mia immediately gets along with Mark but finds hatred towards him at a later stage.

Julianne Moore is attracted by Mark and during the course of the movie, succumbs to his charms.
Annette is the only one immune to Mark and her story is a constant struggle to peel Mark off her family when he is becoming closer and closer, her whole family moving farther and farther from her.

Mark, a jolly, not very responsible, person feels that he has found a family at last and tries to strengthen the relationship.

The cast is great. Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo playing irresponsible is a very different track for them and both of them have done well, very well indeed.
Josh and Mia are rising stars and they both do their parts well, Josh better looking and performing than Mia.

But all our hearts would definitely go to Annette Benning.
She is so subtle and so perfect that makes us feel close to her.
She is one of the actresses that have the great capability to replicate her feelings inside of the viewer.

Bravo Annette, if it weren’t for Melissa Leo in “The Fighter” I would say the Oscar is yours.
But we see a tough competition between these two here.

Even though the movie is got a great cast, I wouldn’t say the movie is great.
Mark Ruffalo hangs by a thread in the end.
Julianne Moore is not convincing that she is back for real.
Only Annette and Josh prevent the movie from an otherwise bad ending.

“The Kids are All Right” is a good one-time watch but nothing more.
No regrets but no high regards either.
On a final note what One could understand would be, “However crazy it can be, Family is family.”