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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 3 – The King’s Speech

An Unrivaled Truth.

I wouldn’t have imagined in a very distant dream that a movie, about a prince (who stutters) and a friendly teacher, is going to be nominated for the highest number of awards in 2011.

It is un-imaginable when one hears that the movie has got 14 BAFTA nominations and 12 Oscar Nominations.
Oh! What’s so huge about this movie that it deserves all this credit, one might ask and wonder. (I am typing single handed as my other arm rests on my chin, wondering :D)

I have been seeing the rise of a shining star in the British Horizon and the star is Supernova now.
He is bright (“Harry Bright” in “Mamma Mia” ), virtuous (“Mr.Whittaker” in “Easy Virtue”) and accomplished. (“George” in “A Single Man” in which he received his first Oscar Nomination and won the BAFTA award)

Colin Andrew Firth. An Actor who has, how do I put it, learnt the trick.:P

I would love to go on and on about Colin, but that’s not what my blog title says. So, with a deep bow, let me trod into the deep realms of my mind to extract some meaningful and interesting thoughts about “The King’s Speech”.

On a factual note, This movie is about the English Prince Bertie(Albert Frederick Arthur George) and his ascension to the British throne after his father’s death.
Now, One might ask, “Oh! Come on…. When the father dies, the son, OBVIOUSLY (snort), has to become the King. Whats so surprising about it?”
One, Bertie is not the first son to King George the Fifth. He is the second.
Two, he lacks one of the mandatory qualities that is required to a successful monarch. Eloquence.

With a hard task at hand, we enter into the life of Bertie. (King George the Sixth)

The excellent artwork in the movie literally transports us to the good old city of London, 1930.
Cold Mist surrounds London and Bertie’s mind is as fogged as the city as he is in a position that requires public speaking as a mandate.

Bertie’s wife, Elizabeth (played by the exquisite Helena Bonham Carter), wants to perfect his speech. She tries to push him to speak better but all her attempts end in vain. And when all her options are exhausted, she finds hope in a common man, an Australian, living in London, Dr.Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush).

The Prince is not immediately pleased with Lionel. But he understands Lionel’s methods after a comical incident. Even though the Prince’s heart doesn’t approve of Lionel’s ways, he wills himself to be treated by Lionel.

Lionel ultimately discovers that Bertie’s lack of eloquence is not just because of his speaking abilities but of his mental abilities and he realizes that his cure lies in building a confidence inside of Bertie in addition to the current Voice-improving methods.

Lionel has to gain confidence to the Prince, the now-King in order to boost his confidence.
But his best intentions and sincere attempts go wrong and the training sessions stop.

But eventually Bertie comes around with the help and support from his wife, Elizabeth and gets back on track with Lionel.

The movie ends with King George the Sixth (Bertie) making his first and successful wartime broadcast with the help and support from his friend and trainer, Lionel.

My heart says, “Not so quick!”. But I were to say more, then one would not be able to see a single statement without spoilers. And I would really hate to spoil one more if I haven’t done so already.

Colin Firth stutters and make our hearts stutter, makes the theater halls shudder.
Helena Bonham Carter pulls off a quiet and dignified performance as Elizabeth.
Geoffrey Rush. Rush, rush, rush.
All the good words would come rushing out of our hearts when we think about Mr.Rush.
This Australian is cast to play an Australian doctor who doesn’t consider himself as one.
And he has done beautifully.

Overall, Tom Hooper has shown us all an extract from the British Lives from the earliest 19th century.
Bravo! And, Good luck fellas. The competition’s too thick this year. (As Always :P)

See you soon with another episode as we traverse through the Oscar List. Arrivederci!