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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 1 – The Social Network

Here we are in the Oscar Season, looking up at another great year of movies, 2010.

Whoa! What a year. Really commendable.

We have got heart-throbbing dramas, compelling thrillers and several charter-busting action movies in this splendid year.

And as always, the dawn of 2011 also causes a kind of a fervent fever among us, the movie fans, that it raises an awful lot of questions in our minds.

Which of our choices is going to be the movie of the year?
Whose choice is the one that’s going to be worthy of celebration?
Who is going to grab the shimmering gold statuette from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

Hmmm(Sigh). Questions!!!

When all of us are eagerly awaiting the answers to these questions, it would just be great to race down and look back at all the movies that have made us laugh, cry, yearn or more simply put “feel”.

Lets take a glimpse at the nominees and look at who is more likely to stay.

Looking at the Best Motion Picture of the Year,
Let’s take up the great David Fincher’s “The Social Network” first.

You hear that this movie is about the person who created Facebook and you get excited.

You hear that this movie was directed by David Fincher and you become confused and you ask yourself, “Whoa! What would poor Benjamin Button do in Harvard?”

And then you hear people saying Aaron Sorkin’s name and you think “OK! The screenplay is going to be good”.

Then, You hear names like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and you think, “Some Music Junkies!! Where the heck is Hans Zimmer?”

Finally you hear a name that makes you skeptical and even doubtful of the movie’s success, “Jesse Eisenberg”. And I said to myself, “Eisenberg is gonna make a fool of himself and he is gonna make David Fincher an Idiot”.

Oh, How wrong could I be? How would I even know that after just a two hour viewing that I would come to understand that my prejudice is gonna be reversed and my world is gonna topple just a dream collapsing in Inception.

I had no idea.

Sitting in a cozy seat in the gloomy theater, the movie began and the Music began!

The very first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow! These guys talks fast and the music’s disturbing!!”

Time passed on..
Then I had a sudden lift in mood as the screen showed me weird colors of Harvard and I felt like I was walking, talking and more importantly “coding” in Harvard’s Kirkland.

I was in awe and so were the people around me. And I thought, “Can it get more realistic than this?”
Only then did I try to gather the movie’s essence.

I noticed that there were some great scenes in the movie that were told subtly without much emphasis.
But they turn out to be huge at the end.

Say for example,
One wouldn’t dare to think that the formula to rate hotness of girls written on the glass window in a Harvard Dorm is gonna make Eduardo Saverin the co-founder of Facebook. Hell!
Or, one wouldn’t think that Eduardo’s forced Cannibalism (which was a great laugh by the way) is gonna be discussed in courtrooms! Bleeding Hell!

Dialogues such as “They don’t have roads in Bosnia but they have Facebook” hit you straight in the face.

When all this is said, the basic understanding — down to ground-zero — in the movie was, Facebook was and is the lifeline of Mark Zuckerberg and everything flows around it.
If you are gonna help him build it you become his friend. If you are ruining it, you are politely chucked out and these moments aren’t always pretty.

End of picture!

I came out with mixed feelings for Mark. Some people around me were murmuring, ” Oh! Mark is portrayed in such a negative way!”.

But the plain secret is I loved it. I like the movie and I have grown fondness over someone whose real identity I didn’t know. I haven’t even had a look at a single photograph of Mark before I saw the movie.

I did not have the curiosity to look at the person who was constantly wasting at least four hours of my day.
But I can assure you that as soon as I was back from the movie, the first thing that I wanted to do was to Google and look at the real guy.

In conclusion, all I can tell you is “I was not disappointed”

If you haven’t Google-ed or FB-ed him so far, Kindly do so.
And you haven’t seen the movie and you use Facebook, well what can I say, we are looking at inventing a swear word!!! 😛

End of episode!

We shall continue to explore more on other movies as the weeks go on and our lives move on.
Chop-Chop. Time to go