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Tron Legacy – Indeed it is…


Greeting Programs!!

Welcome to another episode of virtual transportation into another world called the Grid, only this time you will see more of blue and red lights than anything else. If its any consolation, you will be accompanied by the Fatherly, Jeff Bridges, the Handsome, Garett Hedlund and the absolutely gorgeous, Olivia Wilde.

Yes, we are talking about, Tron Legacy, if you haven’t figured.

The movie is appropriately named, Tron Legacy. The original movie, Tron, is legacy now comparing to this three dimensional version. But I, for one, would agree with any decent movie watcher and say, Tron was a much better movie than its sequel.

It had what would you called originality which is simply lacking here. Anyway, we are not here to review Tron but to review its sequel. So forgetting my feelings for Tron, I continue to our present subject.

On a good-start note, I am going to begin this review by saying that, I felt relieved that even in the Cyber World where man feeds current for a living, you still find …. (if you had expected me to say Love, go shoot yourself) … Hot Girls. :P. Later later…

Garett, a heir of the major corporation, Encom, is a whiz-kid brought-en up without his father. What became of him, you will find later. If you do not, then the movie has no point. Anyway, after this young boy (not so young now) has gone on for about twenty years without his father, or simply put, after he has become a hero, he is ready to take upon the evil ones.
He happens to find himself his father’s secret lab, (oh! every super-hero should have one), tries to experiment and gets himself into the world of computer programs, namely the Grid. He is initially engaged to play games and he being the User doesn’t know to change the game, Pity! And when he is about to lose, you would find yourself mouthing, “Of Course”, the hot heroine is out to save him.

He is taken to his father, Jeff Bridges and bla bla bla..
Afterward he wants to pursue evil and destroy it to take his father out of the system. So he sets out without the Heroine this time and gets caught within the loops of the master program, Clu, who is an younger animated CG version of cool looking Jeff Bridges again.

Fights ensue and the father Jeff comes to rescue and they escape out of Clu’s hands. The movie drones on to show some father son chats but none worthy. Later the action begins as they learn that Clu has built a program army to meet the external world and destroy it. They fight Clu and in an attempt to save Garett, Jeff integrates himself with Clu destroying them both. Hero and Heroine safely sent back to real life.
End of story.

Section: Later:
Continuing on where we left off…. Hot girls…
Olivia Wilde is super cool in her role as Quorra, talking you through the movie with her charms.
Her costume and her hair-do is more fitting and is supposed to be tough but she looks idyllic.

Garett Hedlund is great and does not look like a new face (even though a nice one) to the industry. You have got more time to grow up, man.

Jeff Bridges as always is self contained and convincing both as the good and also as the bad, only bad looks awesome and good looks old and weary, as always.

Bruce Boxleitner is brought in, in a sort of a guest role when he is the co-hero in the first one, bad for you, Grandpa. You are in your Oscars age but still not much luck.

I, for one, felt that the movie should have been directed a little more better. Later, I heard that this was Joseph Kosinski’s debut film. I agree that he is decent. Good ground-kicking start. But he needs to grow to shed more light into the emotions in addition to his current great charisma in showing action.

What should have been emotional scenes between the son and father, even if surrounded by digital imagery, fade into lifelessness. I guess I expected more from the Director and from Jeff Bridges. (You deceived me, Jeff). Maybe Jeff didn’t want to play some sort of softy here but some simple but powerful expressions would have done the trick but please don’t hope to see anything.

Except if you can forget and forgive these misles, the movie is cool. A teenager would definitely enjoy this movie, but I have to agree, I have overgrown out of it.

The visual effects are fantastic and the sound-mixing is a no-word-can-describe-you-better kind of a thing.
Its good that it got nominated to the Oscars. Even if it didn’t win, its greatly commendable.

If you are an action-flick-fan which has a good background to it and if you are happy with the lights that blue and red colors create then go see this. You will have fun to the core, except for maybe some boring moments which are supposed to be great emotional breaks in the movie, but that’s okay, you will have a heart forgive these for the special effects. Your money will be well-spent, I guarantee you.

If you are happy with the movie’s outcome, then you can consider yourself sane, as the reviewer (that’s me)
seems to be a little distant from sane. So, before becoming not sane, (kinda looks a loop, or probably i am going loopy) I am going to log myself off of the system for the time being. Stop reading this now and go enjoy the movie.