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A Glimpse at the Oscars 2011 – Episode 8 – Winter’s Bone


Today we are gonna let our minds journey to the world of Ozark mountains, through the life of an young girl, trying to break free of her clutches and go on a dangerous quest.

Yes, we will be looking at Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone”.

The one thing about the movie, that hits you square in the face is the authenticity.
I am not sure if the movie was actually shot in the Ozark mountains but it feels very real and terrifying.

The movie begins with the poor 17 year old girl, Ree, supporting a crumpling family.
An ailing mother, a younger brother and a little sister.
Her life becomes worse when she learns that her father had put their house as collateral for his bail and if he doesn’t stand his trial, which is in a week by the way, she loses her house.

Threatened by the local sheriff and afraid that her family could be out in the streets in seven days, she sets out on a determined quest to find her father, a known felon, drug-maker.

Teardrop, her father’s brother advises her to abandon the quest, in his own way. (Doesn’t look pretty)
But Ree is not a person who relents. If she did, they wouldn’t have made a movie about it. 😛

The lengths that Ree goes to find her father is petrifying.

But as the movie goes on, the people whom you hate the most in the first half metamorphose into the ones you respect. They are the ones who are going to have an effect on you after the movie’s credits close.

I wouldn’t say that the movie had this “profound” effect on me but I would say that I held pity for Ree and respect for Teardrop and happy that the movie-people these days recognize sheer audacity and essential purity.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Ree the 17 year old.
Jennifer is subtle, never over-reacting but always at her best throughout the film.
And her Oscar nomination comes as no surprise.

John Hawkes pulls off a convincing performance as Teardrop and is nominated for the biggie as well.

In my personal opinion this movie might not get academy’s attention this year quite frankly because you don’t get to feel the characters even though we have some admirable performances here.
Its a close call this year and I would consider it luck if the movie even grabs a single one.
John Hawkes is the only person who even has a go at it and is highly overpowered by Christian Bale (The Fighter) and Geoffrey Rush(The King’s Speech).

But anybody who loves movies that leave through the lives of real people with real difficulties would definitely hold this movie dear.

Good Effort Debra. Keep up the good work.